Haryana Government has invited applications from individuals and institutions under the Scheme ‘State Awards for the Welfare of Senior Citizens’ for the year 2017-18.

Chandigarh, February 8 :

While stating this here today, a spokesman of Social Justice and Empowerment Department said that the Centenarian Award would be given to renowned individuals who were above ninety years of age and were still physically active, independent and contributing to the society. To claim the award, the individual should have rendered exemplary services for the betterment of the community and society at large. The individual who have fought against social evils and for freedom of nation, and have ongoing commitment especially for cause of elderly or other marginalised sections of the society. His or her contribution should have wide recognition from the society, should possess reasonable good health and still actively participate for social causes.

The Best Mother Award would be given to senior citizen women who in the face of great odds, brought up their children and supported them in being high achievers. To claim the award, the woman should have unwavering devotion and inculcation of good values and ethics in the children in highly testing circumstances, and because of her dedication, vision and hard work, children should have made remarkable achievement in the society. Mother who fought for protection, promotions and empowerment of girl child, her contribution commands wide recognition from the society and she should be of age of sixty years of above.

The Courage and Bravery Award would be given to a senior citizen who has displayed exemplary courage in the face of grave danger. One award each is proposed for male and female sportsperson as sub-categories. To claim the award, the senior citizen should have worked towards protection of human rights, national security or mitigation of social evils. He or she should also have made sustainable efforts for the protection of life of the people in society.

The Best Panchayat Award would be given to the District Panchayat, which has done outstanding work for senior citizens. To claim the award, the District Panchayat should have made exemplary contribution in the field of health, counselling, legal aid, awareness, institutional and non-institutional programmes for elderly, and played significant role in the empowerment of elder people at the village level. The District Panchayat should also have outstanding achievement in the involvement and participation of local people or community in the promotion of care for elderly. The District Panchayat should have done promotion of barrier free environment in the public buildings in panchayat area.

The Lifetime Achievement Award would be given to senior citizens, preferably above seventy years, who have made significant contributions to society, especially for the elderly. To claim the award, the senior citizen should have worked for the upliftment and betterment of the lives of elderly in society and have outstanding achievement in the field of education or research or publication and work performance. He or she should provide pioneering or innovative programmes and services in the social welfare sector and should be recognised as role model for exemplary contribution to the community and society at large.

The Senior Sculpture Award, Senior Practicing Musician or Singer Award and Senior Practicing Dance Award would be given to the winners of National or International acclaim for their contribution to literature, theatre, cinema, music, dance, painting, sculpture and photography, and who continue to be active in their field well into their old age. The claim the award, the persons should have made exemplary contribution to the field of Art. His or her art should be infused with social message on contemporary issues, should have made outstanding achievement in the promotion and dissemination of Art, Musician or Dance, and his or her art should have been recognised widely.

The Best Old Age Home Award, Best Day Care Award, and Best Voluntary Organisation Award would be given to an Old Age Home, Day Care Centre and NGO respectively, which has worked for the welfare of senior citizens. To claim the award, the Old Age Home, Day Care Centre and NGO should have worked for addressing the problems of elderly either by providing them gainful employment or utilising their skills and experience for the benefit of the society. It should have worked for creating infrastructure in geriatric medical care or any other similar step for the benefit of elderly as a community and provided barrier free environment for senior citizens at the workplace.

Interested individuals and institutions may apply along with complete data as well as details and evidences of achievement to the concerned District Social Welfare Office of their district along with all enclosures before 4 p.m. on or before February 12, 2018.

He said that the details of conditions can be obtained from District Social Welfare Office concerned. A person who has received an award in previous three years would not be eligible for re-nomination of the award. Decision of jury will be final and no correspondence would be entertained in this regard, he added.


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