Successful Liver Transplant of a Terminal Liver Failure Patient

Kamineni Hospital Successfullly performs liver transplant

The Liver Transplant team at Kamineni Hospital, led by Dr Rajasekhar Perumalla, Director, Hepatobiliary and Transplant surgery, Kamineni Hospital, performed a complex liver transplant on a highly critical liver failure patient. The patient, Mr. Radhakrishnan was waiting for a cadaver liver for over two months. The liver was procured through the Jeevandan Cadaver Transplantation Programme of Telangana. The patient has since recovered and is able to go about with his daily routine.

The Liver recipient, a 45-year-old businessman, Mr. P Radhakrishnan from Pollachi near Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, had multiple comorbidities including obesity, diabetes, Hypertension and recurrent encephalopathy. He subsequently developed chronic Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis, an advanced form of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), with typical symptoms of swelling of the abdomen and severe infection, leading to liver failure.

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Even in normal circumstances, Liver transplant can be a highly demanding procedure, Covid has added to the complexity. We at Kamineni, with the requisite expertise and state of the art technology, have sized up to the occasion and followed the necessary COVID-safety precautions, says Rajasekhar PerumallaThis patient in a terminal stage with severe comorbidities posed a multitude of challenges, the team showcasing utmost competence ensured a superlative outcome, he added.

The specialist Liver Transplantation team at Kamineni Hospital after a through diagnosis and evaluating his condition, advised liver transplantation. As he had no compatible blood group donor from the family, he registered for a cadaver organ under the Jeevandan Cadaver Transplantation Programme, in February, and was waiting for a suitable organ. He got a matching blood group cadaver liver and underwent a liver transplant on May 5th, 2021.

 The liver was harvested from a 38-year-old female, who succumbed due to a chronic kidney ailment. Though the patient developed post-surgery complications including mild renal insufficiency, the expert multi-disciplinary team of specialists ensured he quick recovery. A week after the surgery, his appetite is gradually getting back to normal, his intake of fluids is sufficient and is firmly on the path of recovery.

Dr Rajasekhar Perumalla

An elated Mr Radhakrishnan, recovering from the major surgery said, my faith in Kamineni Hospitals and the expert Doctors here, is vindicated. Their utmost medical proficiency and compassionate attitude mitigated the distress and trauma that I underwent.

The surgery was performed by an eminent team of specialists led by Dr Rajasekhar Perumalla, Director, Hepatobillary & Transplant surgeon; Dr Biswarup Paul, Liver Anaesthetist, Dr Santosh M. Narayankar, Consultant Gastroenterologist. The Hospital has a dedicated liver transplant ICU, state of the art twin transplant theatres with adequately trained staff.

The pandemic brought about an unprecedented crisis in healthcare delivery. Though the thrust is to mitigate the sufferings of Covid patients, Kamineni Hospital is geared to perform elective and emergency surgeries including complex transplantations with consistent efficiency, even in these testing times. We are conscious that any delay can lead to deterioration of the condition of such critical patients and are therefore ensuring optimum priority to other cases too, says Dr. Gayatri, Deputy COO, Kamineni Hospitals

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