Taaza Khabar! Bhuvan Bam New Series, Review!

Taaza Khabar! Bhuvan Bam New Series

Is this show worth watching? Read the full article so as to find out.

Bhuvan Bam the famous YouTube star has a treat for all his fans! “Taaza Khabar” the new Web series is streaming now on Disney+Hotstar! Before you start watching it check out the reviews of this Bhuvan Bam New Series!

Who is Bhuvan Bam?

Indian comedian and YouTube star Bhuvan Bam hails from Delhi. His YouTube comedy channel, BB Ki Vines, is well-known. In the WebTVAsia Awards 2016,  Bhuvan Bam was the recipient of the prize for the most watched YouTube channel. The Hindustan Times honoured him as well. India won the YouTube Creator Summit golf competition in 2017, with BB Ki Vines serving as the main contributor. He has also been in the list of Forbes India 30 under 30. Bhuvan Bam is basically born in Baroda, Gujarat-India and later he along with his family moved to Delhi.

One of India’s first-generation YouTube stars, Bhuvan Bam has amassed 12 million YouTube subscribers in just four years, making him one of the fastest rising. the early days were quite different When Bhuvan Bam first started singing at a Mughlai restaurant in Delhi at night, he was a college student. today he is India’s first real YouTube sensation, with nothing more than pure luck “and also a lot of hard effort!”

He is basically from Gujarat however later when he moved to Delhi, where he completed his schooling from Green Fields School. He became famous in 2015 while he was completing his bachelors from Shaheed Bhagat Singh College in Delhi and as he was moonlighting as a singer.

Being a successful content creator, he convers many topics while capturing content!

In 2021 Bam brought in “Dhindora” for his fans which was loved by all.

Now in 2023, TaazaKhabar is here to win the hearts of all his fans

Through TaazaKhabar, Bhuvan Bam makes his debut! To all the BB ki Vines Fans, this web series is a must watch. He along with Rohit Raj has produced this web series. Both of the them have been creating content since a very long time.

What is the Bhuvan Bam New Series?

In Taaza Khabar, the debut web series by prominent YouTuber Bhuvan Bam, the life of a Mumbai chawl resident experiences some unexpected twists and turns. The young man gains the ability to predict the near future and control both his and the fate of the lady he loves as a result of a good deed and a subsequent miracle.

Himank Gaur is the director of this web series.

The cast includes: JD Chakravarthy, Siddhant Mishra, Prathamesh Parab, Bhuvan Bam, Nishant Taliyan, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Atisha Naik, Shilpa Shukla, Nitya Mathur,  Mithilesh Chaturvedi, Deven Bhojani,  Aryan Taliyan and Arun Malik

Streaming on: Disney+ Hotstar

Disney + Hotstar

Trailer of Taaza Khabar

Vasant introduces himself in the trailer as the Cheetah of Chembur, the King of Mumbai, and other titles before realising he was dreaming. Vasant is pictured running his household and caring for his mother, who has experienced domestic abuse. Additionally, Vasant appears to have a girlfriend with whom he exchanges stories and, of course, loves her a lot.

Date of Release of Taaza Khabar

On January 6, 2023, the series was made accessible solely through Disney+ Hotstar. The number of episodes is 6 and each of the episodes last 24 to 34 minutes. Watch it as soon as possible!

What is the review?

TaazaKhabar makes an effort to update the tried-and-true Mumbai hustle of making money in the time it takes to cross the Sealink. Vasant, a toilet attendant, receives a divine gift that enables him to predict future events. It can only see the notifications on his phone that reveal the forecasts, but they can change his life.

Vasant is given the chance to spread the news before it actually happens because of a good deed. This exploits his cosmic windfall for the good of his family and himself. Vasant’s close circle includes Madhu, Peter (Prathamesh Parab), Mehboob (Deven Bhojani), and Shazia (Nitya Mathur), Mehboob’s daughter, also benefit from Vasant’s sudden wealth, while being put off by his growing sense of self-importance.

In a world of heightened reality where money acts like a Mumbai monsoon deluge but no one bats an eye at Vasant’s newfound good fortune, the parable plays out. The creators of the programme fail to take some of the more surprising directions that the plot could have taken.

The template has undergone some nice changes. Shriya Pilgaonkar, one of the most effective performers in the streaming industry, has turned into Madhu, a vibrant woman who approaches her trade with her eyes wide open. The brothel’s madam, Reshma (Shilpa Shukla), is more weary of the world than evil. Mehboob has a wonderful relationship with his intelligent daughter and reacts in a hilarious way when he finds out about her romantic life. Atisha Naik has a strong performance as Vasant’s mother, who is a kindly figure.

Although the broad plot stumbles along in an anticipated manner, the smaller moments, punctuated by streetwise insight and obscenity, work better (this isn’t a claim Vasant can make for himself). When Mahesh Manjrekar, portraying a mobster named (what else but) Kismat, snarls his way into the frame, you immediately know where you are. It is predetermined, but it wasn’t necessary to be.

What we loved?

Director Himank Gaur, co-writers Hussain and Abbas Dalal, and Bhuvan worked together previously in the comedy programme ” Dhindora” Now they all have re-united and worked on another project.   

Although the movie’s plot has a promising beginning, it quickly becomes predictable, leaving you to wonder where it’s all going to end. 

The protagonist’s path from a regular guy leading a miserable life to becoming a millionaire is, nonetheless pretty fascinating. 

The dialogues are also good; it’s funny and weird with just the appropriate amount of comedy punches. 

This six-episode series is recommended for binge-watching because each episode is under 30 minutes long.

Taaza Khabar is a tale that is designed to honour its main character. Rags to riches, but with plenty of glitz and the swag makes slow-motion cigarette and bare-chested men iconic. But what distinguishes this one from others is that the focal point of everything revolves on a man who resembles the real common man. Since, he Is ungroomed, lacks abdominal and substantial muscles. The Hussain Dalal and Abbas Dalal-penned script has truly done a great job.  The development of the characters is unexpectedly lively and grounded in their environment.

Taaza Khabar has impeccable music, which is another quality. Being a musician himself, Bhuvan is aware of its significance and force. With the brilliant Parikrama sharing a song with Mohan Kanan, Dev Negi, Divya Kumar, and other members of the team. Such enormous effect and such tremendous creativity, truly impressed!

Bhuvan’s acting abilities have undoubtedly progressed. On screen, he brilliantly conveys Vasya’s intense feelings. As Madhu, Bhuvan’s love interest with aspirations to be a fashion designer, ShriyaPilgaokar provides adequate backing. On-screen interaction between them is appealing. Shilpa Shukla, who plays brothel owner Aapa, makes an impact through her little part.   JD Chakravarthy portrays Shetty successfully as a scary figure. After such a lengthy absence, it is wonderful to see DevenBhojani in a very serious role. the rest of the actors provides solid support.

The performance by Bhuvan Bam is genuine. 

He truly inhabits the role, and he delivers it with authority. 

His path is divided into two parts: the timid and fearful Vasant, and the Vasant who comes to think of himself as “God.” 

Both of the character’s facets were effectively depicted by Bhuvan, and the transition was seamless. 

His performance distinguishes as it fits with the story. 

Together with Bhuvan, Shriya Pilgaonkar as Madhu, Deven Bhojani as Mehboob Bhai, and Prathamesh Parab as Peter make up a funny and dynamic ensemble.

What could be improved?

The plot of this Bhuvan Bam New Series takes a predictable turn, which diminishes the suspense halfway through. After a certain point, investing in TaazaKhabar becomes difficult, but with a little humour thrown in, you can get through the monotony and see it through to the conclusion. The characterization seems to have been influenced by a variety of Bollywood films, and each character has elements of the classic hero, his sidekicks, a loyal lover, and the “mother figure” in common. 

The world of Taaza Khabar is made to look quite genuine thanks in large part to the cinematography and music. The dialogue play is believable, but nothing special. They effectively complement the show but do not make it stand out. The appeal is in fusing the fantasies of these small-time city inhabitants with their aspirations for greatness. Taaza Khabar is exactly what you would expect it to be, neither more nor less. It moves along smoothly and concludes before losing momentum. you must consider watching Bhuvan Bam New Series as it will be extremely entertaining.

Bhuvan Bam makes a sincere effort to convey the character of a man who is impatiently hoping that his fortunes will turn. However, the show’s portrayal of the class conflict that it seeks to highlight is merely superficial. Bhuvan makes an effort to impersonate a man from the slums, switching from a confident stride to one that suggests a man is desperately trying to escape his predicament.

In the role of Madhu, Vasya’s love interest, ShriyaPilgaonkar. She makes an effort, but her appearance is too sophisticated for the role she is playing.

Hussain Dalal and Abbas Dalal wrote the series’ screenplay, which was directed by Himank Gaur. You might object to the screenplay because it doesn’t seem all that authentic. Empathy for both its main character and his pals was a goal that the series set out to attain. However, because this is not firmly established, there is a gap for the audiences to support Vasya in all of his endeavours.

Review on the performance of the characters:

As an actor, Bhuvan Bam is as natural as possible. He is perfect, and he switches effortlessly between the self-centered affluent person and the good-hearted impoverished guy. He has really done a great job as he keeps the story from waning at any time.

JD Chakravarthy may have had less time on screen, but he still completely nails it. You wonder why we see him so little in Hindi cinema because he always captures the screen when he is present. Everything about his character, from his sarcasm to his fury to his dark chuckle, is on spot and will keep you interested in him.

As the supporting characters to BhuvanBam’s role, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Deven Bhojani and Prathamesh Parab, have done pretty well.

Check out this review on Bhuvan Bam New Series on the YouTube channel AllGood. Before you watch the entire web series checking out this review is truly helpful since it will not only help you know whether the web series is worth your time but it will also give you a slight glimpse about the web series.


The “taaza” in “taazakhabar” is:

  • We all know know Bhuvan Bam as someone who can easily make any individual laugh. However, this web series portrays a balanced side of Bam as he showcases a serious and a hilarious side.
  • “Taaza Khabar” emphasizes how knowing everything in advance is harmful to one’s progress and takes the joy of living in a world when everyone is so invested in knowing the future.
  • The web series also highlights the numerous oppressive social norms that exist, which will increase one’s empathy with Bhuvan Bam, the anti-hero. Although his financial situation has much improved, he has gone from being discriminated against for working at a public restroom and coming from a low income family to being discriminated against for not dressing like an affluent person. They highlight how society still has a tendency to judge people based on how they are dressed.
  • The theme of the web series revolves around the idea that miracles demand faith while magic involves trickery. Although it seems like it would serve as a warning tape for the characters, the irony only becomes clear as the show goes on.
  • With a cast that includes well-known actors like Shilpa Shukla, ShriyaPilgaonkar, DevenBhojani, and others, this film recounts the proverbial story of how tremendous power comes with great responsibility and, if not handled properly, will result in complete chaos. The web series exploits the biggest advantage of the digital age, i.e., speed, to convey the message in light of the fact that news now reaches consumers quicker than the speed of light.
  • The show not only portrays the romantic relation between girlfriend and boyfriend but it also presents a lovely mother- son relation. Hence, the character shows a beautiful balance of caring and loving personality along with being a big business brain.

The ups and downs of falling behind as well as those of being the first in the game are highlighted in “TaazaKhabar” in today’s rat race that is centred on making a lot of money. It’s refreshing to see reality as it is presented by the characters. The online series portrays realistic people’s reactions to unexpected good fortune. DevenBhojani’s character does a better job of capturing the struggle that real individuals have between following their moral convictions and making better life decisions than anyone else could.

The final verdict:

BB ki vines is truly famous for the hilarious content that he uploads through his YouTube. However, through the web series he has left no stone unturned in proving the fact that he is an astounding actor. Through the show his acting was excellent and it gives his fans a treat since they seem now satisfied. The audience has now started to believe that Bhuvan Bam can do well in serious roles as well. In all this show is truly entertaining and one must watch it!


Vasya, a slumdog from South Mumbai’s Byculla neighbourhood, is the focus of “TaazaKhabar.” He takes care of his loving mother, his restless alcoholic father, and the shauchalaya (toilets). The plot twist occurs when Vasya gains supernatural abilities to learn news before it actually happened thanks to a simple dua (blessing) from a kind action. With the help of his close friends—girlfriend Madhu, bakery owner, best friend Peter, and father-figure Mehboob Bhai, as well as Mehboob’s daughter Shazia—he uses his newly discovered superpower to control his future. Thus, the thrilling journey starts and hence, you can consider watching this movie in order to know about the entire journey!

BhuvanBam’s BB Ki Vines and Rohit Raj have co-produced this show.

All things considered, “Taaza Khabar” is an intriguing film because of the way it depicts the ordinary life of a simpleton with big aspirations. Additionally, it illustrates how attitudes and behaviors change when money is involved.  Therefore, Bhuvan Bam New Seriesis truly fun to watch and hence, you can now play it on!

Bhuvan Bam New Series is streaming on Disney+Hotstar, check it out now! 

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