Taj Chandigarh Begins the New Year with Its Lohri Feast

Taj Chandigarh begins the New Year with its Lohri Feast

Taj Chandigarh begins the New Year with its Lohri Feast that brings to the table relished winter cuisine of the Punjab region.

The warm gourmet menu offers respite from the cold wave with lunch and dinner at Dera from 10th to 19th January 2020

Chef Ranvijay, executive Chef of Taj Chandigarh tells us that the menu has played around with a lot of winter harvests. Ingredients like peanuts, sesame seeds, sarson seeds, have been used in many dishes, while winter specials like turnips, green choliya, white radish and jackfruit have also been given their due attention.

The appetisers offer gems like hara matter aur choliye ki Tikki, tandoori chooza and the very popular crispy mustard fish.

The main course takes guests on an epicurean roller coaster with kathal ki kadi and singadhay aur choliya ki sabzi on one hand, and mutton shabhdaigh and batr masala on the other. Even the desserts are inspired by the cold with Chef bringing up his personal favourite gajarella, with a twist to surprise the guests. However, the festive special Zarda (sweet rice) is a definite show stealer.

Interesting beverages and soups match this rather unique and delectable menu, which makes these meals warmer and higher spirited. Music plays its part in creating the perfect ambiance for the Lohri feast at Dera making it, even more, inviting for guests.

In ten-day long celebration of the popular winter festival Lohri, Dera, the Indian restaurant at Taj Chandigarh has comes up with a menu that goes beyond the ordinary and should not be missed.


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