To Accelerate Coding Literacy across India, StayQrious Launches India’s First Kid-friendly Coding Course for Free Online

  • The course has been created by India’s most trusted instructors with visual explanations that deepen a child’s intuition for the concepts.

  • Created according to the global CSTA standards, the course is a unique blend of explanation videos and hands-on activities specially curated for active learning rather than passive viewing.

Realizing the absolute absence of quality coding content that Indian kids can learn from, India’s cutting-edge learning platform, StayQrious launches ‘Coding Foundations Season 1’, a 13 episode blended-learning course for free on YouTube. Targeted at children between 8 to 14 years, the course has been created by India’s most trusted instructors with visual explanations that deepen a child’s intuition for the concepts. It delves into conceptual mastery, effective learning outcomes and is designed to make children curious to dig deeper and learn more.

Introduction to Coding Foundations, Season 1

This season will be followed by two more seasons on Youtube that will cover all the foundational concepts that can be carried forward and applied to any programming language. Concepts such as algorithms, debugging, variables, loops, nested loops, conditionals, and functions among others.

To make the learning experience more meaningful, StayQrious has designed the course such that many of the videos will have links to coding activities where kids can practice and free live masterclasses where they can interact with the instructors and ask their curious questions.

Speaking on the inspiration behind providing access to free coding content, Mr. Aanand Srinivas, Founder and CEO, StayQrious said, “We never want the lack of access to quality information to be the barrier for children to learn. How children get introduced to a subject matters. It changes the way they feel about it for the rest of their lives. It’s like love at first sight. We want these videos to ignite the curiosity for coding and STEM subjects in millions of students and inspire many of them to pursue these subjects in a much more in-depth fashion.”

With Summer around the corner and children getting a break before they enter the next academic year, this is the perfect time to provide the much needed exposure and understanding into the essential concepts of coding.

He also added that StayQrious is committed towards making students future-ready by teaching them essential learning skills across all core subjects by launching courses in coding, science, and math.

Coding Foundations Season 1‘, a 13 episode blended-learning course for free on YouTube. –

About StayQrious

Established in the year 2020, StayQrious is India’s revolutionary online learning platform for students focused on STEM foundations, technology and 21st-century skills. The brand believes that the Indian education system is at the cusp of revolution, led by rapid advancements in cognitive science and computing technology. Recognizing the opportunity, StayQrious aims to catalyze this revolution by designing the classroom of the future from first principles of cognitive science that leverages an innovative learning format and uses technology to scale it to billions of students.

With the vision of being the most student-centric company in the world embedded in its DNA, the brand is on a mission to create millions of happy, independent learners for life.

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