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Top 10 best Mahabaleshwar Tourist Places for a therapeutic experience!

Mahabaleshwar Tourist Places

Mahabaleshwar, a picturesque hill station present in the Satara District, Maharashtra. This tourist attraction is widely known for its strawberries, majestic peaks and fascinating cascades. Visiting the Mahabaleshwar Tourist Places will truly offer you a breath taking experience!

Where is Mahabaleshwar Located?

A hill station present in Sahyadri Spurs, being 4500 feet above the sea level. This tourist attraction is considered as the no.1 hill station in Maharashtra. 

This tourist’s attraction is located to the South of Mumbai. The distance between Mahabaleshwar and Mumbai is of 285 kilometres. Apart from this, if you plan to visit this destination from Pune then it will take around 120 kilometres. This is a weekend therapeutic destination for all the People residing in Mumbai, Pune or nearby areas.

How to reach Mahabaleshwar?

You can reach Mahabaleshwar via the below listed methods:

Via Road: Road trips do really make good memories. How about taking a road trip from Mumbai or Pune to reach Mahabaleshwar? Well, this is definitely possible and not only a road trip via car or taxi but a road trip via buses offered by the Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation can help in traveling to this destination. 

Via Plane: The Pune Airport is located at a distance of 131 kilometres from Mahabaleshwar. Various flights like GoAir, SpiceJet and Air India fly travellers from other cities of India to Pune. From this Airport at Pune, one can easily reach Mahabaleshwar.

Via Train: Since Mahabaleshwar has no railway station. Hence traveling via train will eventually lead to reaching the railway station and then traveling via road to Mahabaleshwar. The Wathar Railway Station and the Pune Railway Station are the railway stations near Mahabaleshwar.

What is the perfect time to visit Mahabaleshwar Tourist Places?

  1. Planning a trip to the Mahabaleshwar Tourist Places? Then you will be amazed to know that this destination is very popular for the pleasant weather. However, it is recommended to plan a trip to Mahabaleshwar during the summer months. This is from the month of March to the month of June.
  2. Although the winter season which is from December to February, is considered as the peak season. Since the honeymooners love this cool time! So a lot of couples visit this destination during the winter season. The temperature during this time usually ranges between 10 to 32 degrees Celsius. 
  3. From July to October, the Monsoon season is experienced at Mahabaleshwar. This is basically a low season since a danger of landslides in the mountainous regions is usually present. However, the nature looks pretty refreshed during this season!

It will be great if you can spend at least 4 days at Mahabaleshwar. Since then you will have time to explore and enjoy your time at the hill station! 

Check out The Top 10 best Mahabaleshwar Tourist Places for a therapeutic experience!

These are as follows:

Best Mahabaleshwar Tourist Places
  1. Visit the Venna Lake for a relieving boat ride: This manmade lake has an area of about 28 acres. A place perfect for not just romantic couples but also families. Since the destination offers fishing, boat rides and small kids train. You might want to spend the evening here just mesmerizing the greenery all around the lake and so the lake is usually open till 7 P.M. in the evening. Hence, do not forget to watch the sunset! There are some submerged pilgrimage spots as well present at a distance of 1 to 2 kilometres. You can also get some munching stuff from the eateries nearby.
  2. Check out the strawberry plantations at the Mapro Garden: This garden serves mouth-watering strawberry ice creams, salads and shakes! Once you visit this places you might also want to take home the strawberry marmalades, crushes, syrups and jams. This Strawberry plantation owned by Mapro is quite popular among kids and families due to the presence of a chocolate factory, a restaurant, nursery and a play area. The kids also get excited if this destination is visited during the strawberry festival. The plantation is present on Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani road, at Gureghar.
  3. Mesmerize the sunrise and sunsets from the Elephants Head point: The mountain which is similar to the shape of the head of an elephant hence, giving it the appropriate name, “Elephants Head Point”. The gap formed by the trunk shaped mountain is similar to a needle, therefore providing this destination another name, “The Needle Point.” This popular tourist destination will not just offer you spectacular views of the sunsets and sunrise, but it will also provide a great opportunity to view the Sahyadri Range from this point. This tourist attraction is an ideal Picnic spot and a therapeutic destination to relax amongst all the Mahabaleshwar Tourist Places present!
  4. Mesmerize the architecture of the Panch Ganga Temple: This temple has stood strong with its stunning architectural features over the period of time. It is present at the convergence of the holy rivers Gayatri River, Savitri River, Veena River, Krishna River and Koyna River. The rivers around truly add to the beauty and peaceful ambience of the temple making it, a must visit destination. The presence of such rivers is the reason behind the name “Panch Ganga”! It is said that this marvellous temple was built in the 13th century by Singhandeo, a Yadava King. Therefore, you must visit this temple and recite your prayers.
  5. Visit one of the highest viewing spots of Mahabaleshwar, “Wilson Point”: The Three watch towers present at the Wilson point encourage visitors to offer a treat to their eyes as they witness the magical sunrise and sunset views! Apart from this, you can even register another stunning view of the lush green nature around! Such views are worth watching since the Wilson point is 1439 meters high above the sea level. This captivating tourist spot earlier had the name “Sindola Hill” however, later it was changed to “Wilson Point” as Sir Leslie Wilson was the governor of Bombay (1923-1926). 
  6. Know the historical significance of the Pratapharh Fort: This Fort portrays the rich culture and heritage of Marathas who fought various battles! The construction of this Fort was over in 1656 making it a strategically constructed structure, which is 3500 feet above the ground. The fort not just offers unmatchable views but also attractions like the Goddess Bhavani Temple present in the lower part of the fort, the Mahadev Temple, which is present in the upper part of the fort and the Dargah of Afzal Khan that is present in Vicinity.
  7. Another Famous viewpoint, “Arthur’s Seat”: Explore how this place defies the norms of gravity! If you throw a light thing in the valley like the cap of a cold drink, then it will start floating due to high air pressure. This point is named so, after Arthur Malet. He used to come to this point in order to stare at the river Savitri and mourn about the demise of his daughter and wife. This point is referred to as not only the “Arthur’s seat” but it is also referred to as the “suicide point” or “Queen of Points”. The tiger point, Malcolm Point, Window Point, Hunter Point and the Echo Point can also be visited if you plan to trek up the Arthur’s Seat. 
  8. The “Mini Kashmir of Maharashtra” that is Tapola, is a must visit tourist destination: Check out the Jaigarh and the Vasota Forts present at this satellite tourist place! This rustic hamlet is widely known for the tranquil water body, abundant flora and fauna present. You can even enjoy water scooter riding, boating, and swimming that is carried on in the Shivsagar Lake.
  9. Make a trip to the Rajpuri Caves during the day time: These ancient caves are at a distance of 9 kilometers from Panchgani. They are present in the district of Satara. This amalgamation of four caves is of huge religious significance for the Hindus. It is believed that many ceremonies and holy practices were performed here by Lord Kartikeya. Apart from this, even Pandavas took shelter in the caves during exile. 
  10. Obtain the ultimate peace of mind by visiting the Lingamala waterfalls: To all the trek lovers, it is easy to reach the Lingamala waterfalls via trekking through the forests. Though the waterfall is present at a distance of 6 kilometres from Mahabaleshwar- Pune Road, it is truly worth visiting, due to the spectacular ambience that it offers out of all the Mahabaleshwar Tourist Places.

Where can you stay, while exploring the Mahabaleshwar Tourist Places?

There are various options for the tourists to stay in Mahabaleshwar. Some of the hotels are listed as follows:

  • Regenta MPG Club Mahabaleshwar 
  • Brightland Resort and Spa
  • Jivanta Hotel Mahabaleshwar 
  • Courtyard by Marriott Mahabaleshwar 
  • Bella Vista Resort
  • The Grand Legacy Resort and Spa (TGL) 

Check out this vlog on YouTube channel in order to have a precise know-how about the Mahabaleshwar Tourist Places. Since, this video provides a virtual tour of this lush green tourist destination. It will provide you an overall glimpse about the place, in case you are planning a trip to Mahabaleshwar.

Visit the above mentioned Mahabaleshwar Tourist Places and mesmerize the awe-inspiring views that will make your vacation truly magical and memorable! This tourist destination is not just a relaxing change to the routine, but it also possesses great historical significance that projects stunning architectural styles! Hence, obtain a therapeutic vacation while mesmerizing the panoramic views offered by Mahabaleshwar!

Written By: Nehal Sharma 

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