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Top 5 Luxurious Hotels in India That Will Change Your Definition of Royalty

Top 5 Luxurious Hotels in India

“Atithi Devo Bhava” Stands for the Indian belief that “Guest is God”. 

India a country rich in culture, heritage, talent, and diversity, portrays tremendous hospitality. They consider their guests equivalent to god and therefore, Luxurious hotels in India exhibit a supreme form of luxury which sets them apart from the rest. 

Opulent suites, top-notch amenities, royal ambiance, fine dining restaurants, world-class service, and exquisite architecture will blow your mind. Once you step into such luxurious hotels, It’s a new league, your stay will give a new definition to “posh living”.  

The master chefs from different corners of the world will provide you with every cuisine you think of. Whether you are coming alone, with family, friends, spouse, whoever, these luxurious hotels in India will prove to make your stay and your loved one’s stay memorable.

5 Luxurious Hotels in India That Are No Less Than Heaven

Below listed are the 5 luxurious hotels in India, that will provide you a dreamy stay so that you find it no less than paradise:


Luxurious Hotels in India
  • One of the largest royal residences across the globe, it includes rooms once occupied by Maharajas that flaunt the views of the desert kingdom and Mehrangarh Fort. 
  • It is a golden sandstone palace that took 13 years to build. Being commissioned by the Maharaja Umaid Singh, it was a project created to provide a livelihood to those affected by the Rajasthan Famine. 
  • In this luxurious hotel, You will be provided with a private balcony in your royal suite, along with cocktails. 
  • The interiors show the Bathroom which is marble-lined and has geometric light fittings.
  • The Risala restaurant provides a feast under the portraits of maharajas and a view of peacocks in the veranda.
  • The stay might cost you from Rs.31 thousand to around 3 lakhs for a room with breakfast free. However, the rates may differ depending on season therefore you could check personally.

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  • A resemblance of Grand Palace, The Oberoi Udaivillas provides views over the lake Pichola with landscaped gardens and cool courtyards. Intricate work of interior showcases ornate carving, marble-lined, inlay work, and decorative fountains.
  • The posh suite will provide its guests with a private swimming pool, walk-in closets, and a marble bathroom.
  • You could enjoy international and Indian cuisine in the dining. Also, relieve your stress by diving into the 2 large swimming pools and the soothing spa of the luxurious hotel. This Spa features the Mughal Archways with steam rooms and lily pond views. For all the gym freaks, a top-notch gym is available. 
  • India’s most romantic city Udaipur welcomes the newlywed to make their journey more romantic, the Oberoi Udaivillas provides a spectacular and memorable experience with delightful boat rides and showers of rose petals.
  • The price range may go from Rs.35 thousand to Rs.63 thousand. 


Luxurious Hotels in India
  • The first-ever luxurious hotel in India, The Taj Mahal Palace, also owns the first licensed bar in Mumbai.
  • It offers views of the very famous Gateway of India and the Arabian Sea. Being a city landmark, the hotel offers 54 suites and 543 rooms.
  • The palace was unveiled in 1903 and today it’s known for hosting Barack Obama and George Bernard Shaw.
  • Known to have the best pool in Mumbai and tons of restaurants, bars, and cafes like Starbucks and la patisserie.
  • Experience the luxury when the butlers give you foot baths and when the driver pulls off immediately as you order. Therefore it portrays impeccable customer service and hospitality.
  • The Tal Mahal Palace will cost around Rs.24,000 for a stay with a complimentary breakfast. 


Luxurious Hotels in India
  • The Maharaja of Jaipur once resided in this palace, therefore, justifying that this luxurious hotel isn’t for budget travelers.
  • Main restaurant resembles Buckingham palace and every room showcases extremely high ceilings, giant beds, and wooden columns to separate sleeping and living areas.
  • Bathrooms are marble-lined and wooden floors are present. For the feast, a large buffet will cater to your taste buds with gold cups and royal crockery exhibiting posh dining.
  • A yoga pavilion and a golf course nearby can fulfill your interests amidst royalty.
  • Prices per room start with Rs.32,000 for a luxury courtyard room and go up to Rs.3 Lakhs for the grand presidential suite


  • Another beauty to make the travelers experience royalty enough so that it could not vanish away from their memories. With a warm welcome through a boat ride, you will be brought to a white marble built in the middle of the ouchola lake.
  • Additionally, you can enjoy your ride to the romantic city through a vintage car, making you feel no less than Rajas.
  • The hotel provides round-the-clock butler service which does not compromise on the cost of your comfort.
  • Floating on the water the castle-like hotel seems so dreamy that it resembles a ship. Moreover, It’s a summer escape built by the royal dynasty of Mewar which offers you floating spa mad swimming into the pool. 
  • Luxurious hotel room starting with Rs.30 thousand Going up to Rs. 1 lakh for a grand Royal suite.

You Can Not Miss a Trip to India

The Luxurious Hotels  

It’s definitely a change of air.You would experience lush greenery around you sitting amid soothing spa enjoying first class amenities. Step in the sumptuous rooms and suites in order to get an experience of Indian colossal properties.

The People

Indians are very hospitable people, they treat guests like kings and queens. They are extremely loving therefore, they treat all knowns as family. Hence, they show care and support all the people around.

Sit in the lap of Nature

Due to the existence of all weather conditions, Indians enjoy the lap of diverse natural areas. Various varieties of herbs, shrubs, and trees. You could find the densest forests, the driest deserts of Rajasthan, the mountainous regions, and the holy river of Ganga. Thus it will be the best place to achieve spiritual awakening by bathing in it. Therefore all physiological features can be discovered in India.

Delectable food

Whether it’s the fine-dine restaurants or the street food, both have an unbeatable taste. Undoubtedly, You will be licking your fingers when your taste buds come in contact with the food which are a perfect balance of sweet and a mixture of spices formed into a paste.

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