Top 7 “Oh So Gorgeous” Hairstyles For Long Hair For Wedding!

Hairstyles For Long Hair For Wedding

A woman’s hair is an essential element in her appearance, it’s the first and most widely noticeable part of beauty. It not only enhances an individual’s personality but also builds confidence in the working routine of the individual. Hence, when it comes to a wedding, it’s extremely essential to look your best, therefore you must check out these hairstyles for long hair for wedding, which could be a great source of inspiration for any woman!

Elegant Hairstyles For Long Hair For Wedding

If you have long hair, then you’re extremely lucky because there is a huge number of styling possibilities! All hairstyles look stunning but you have to choose which suits you more and makes you feel confident about yourself!

1. Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

If you have long thick hair as shown in the picture this half up half down, the look will be just perfect for your hair. Highlights in the hair enhance the entire look with some added ornaments or hair clips that add a tinge of shine.

The half-up portion is usually the center of attention and hence should be enhanced with elegant hair clutches. The half-down part shall be set with Loose curls giving it a phenomenal combination!

You may complete this heavy-hair look with nude makeup and a voluminous dress/skirt.

2. Ponytail Leiden Voluminous Curls

hairstyles for long hair for wedding

This hairstyle is heavy and luxurious since the hair is not only tied into a pony but also shaped into voluminous curls that give out a bulky, royal look to the women. Usually, a maang tikka on the head’s crown and other ornaments around the pony enhance the entire queenly look! A huge amount of maang tikkas, pins, tiaras, bands, and clips are available for you to give an elite look to your hairstyles!

3. The Classy Wavy Bun

It is pretty easy to make a wavy bun since you just have to make a simple bun and then loosen it up, bring some short hair out of the bun to make them dangle around your face and neck. Try to curl the hair that is out of the bun to give it a classy touch.

hairstyles for long hair for wedding

Make sure to add some type of hair accessories that beautify the look of the bun. If you feel that your bun is too small due to less density of hair, you can always buy hair extensions, easily available on Amazon, for giving volume to your hair. 

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4. The Low Designer Bun 

This is one of the best hairstyles for long hair for wedding if you’re looking for something comfy but elegant. You should definitely go for this low designer bun since it doesn’t need thousands of pins to make it stand on the top of your head. This is a comfortable and elegant hairstyle look that will hang on your nape making you feel less burdened about your hairstyle! Don’t forget to add shiny hair clips to complete this decent look! 

5. The Royal Gajra Bun

hairstyles for long hair for wedding

keep it simple but stunning. Make a simple bun and circle the Gajra around your bun, which will give you an “oh so gorgeous” Feel! It looks phenomenal with a Banarsi saree! This can be just the perfect hairstyle for not only a wedding but also beautiful occasions like Karwa Chauth! Gajra is a flower garland that portrays an immensely royal look when worn on hair!  

6. The bubble braid

The bubble braid gives a very young look with its popped-up portions and equal gaps along with the trail. It gives a wavy and fun hairdo look. Perfect for young girls since it projects many ponytails tied together with an inch gap between them which is tied with an elastic. You can also use designer bands in place of elastic to enhance the look which makes it more suitable for a wedding. The bubble effect in the braid is defined as unique and mesmerizing since it’s one of the less common hairstyles.  

7. The floral braid

hairstyles for long hair for wedding

This messy and pulled braid enhanced with flowers gives the hair an immensely stunning look! It’s decent, classy, and manageable if you plan to dance around! Being messy and fluffy this braid makes the hair have a windy style. It creates a subtle and delicate look that can be paired with suitable coloured attire matching the flowers!  

Hair Accessories & Hairstyles For Long Hair For Wedding 

If you’ve been wondering about hairstyles for long hair for wedding, then the question regarding stunning hair accessories perhaps wood have floated in your mind. Good hairstyles are incomplete without enhancement from phenomenal hair accessories. Hence, here are some things that you can buy for completing your hairstyles:

Designer bands

  • Headbands: These are hair accessories worn around the forehead or on the top of the head. Headbands can be made up of not only designer cloth but also expensive jewels embedded around a band that tops your hairstyle completing your look!
  • Tiara-styled bands: These are for women who really want to flaunt their entire hair look since Tiaras are so eye-catchy and enhance the entire hairstyle.
  • Rubber bands/ elastic bands/ hair ties/ pony holders: These are the simple rubber bands that help in making a pony, there is a wide variety of designer rubber band collections present on Amazon.
  • Scrunchies: These are the bulkier hair ties that look pretty cute while holding a pony. These are basically made by the fabric covering normal hair bands. These scrunchies are present in various colors, sizes, and materials.


  • Barrette: A hair clip primarily used to kelp hair neatly in its place.
  • Alligator clip: It’s called an alligator clip because of how its mouth opens.
  • Banana clips: Makes hair fall like a cascade and also make hair look more voluminous.

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  • Bobby pin: Keeps hair firmly placed.
  • Bun Pin: These U-shaped pins hold buns well.

If you have short hair you might want to check out some cute hair accessories for styling

The above-mentioned hairstyles for long hair for wedding are some of the ideas that you could take inspiration from, whether you’re about to attend someone’s wedding or even if it’s your own wedding those buns are just phenomenal! Which is your favorite style? Let us know in the comments!

Written By: Nehal Sharma

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