Top 9 Best Biryani Restaurant in Chandigarh in Hyderabadi Style

Top 9 Best Biryani Restaurant in Chandigarh in Hyderabadi style

Are you a Biryani lover?

If yes, it won’t be hard for you to get Best Biryani Restaurant in Chandigarh.

Chandigarh is a place where one will not struggle to have a variety of food whether it is Continental, Italian, North Indian, South Indian, all you will get what you desired for?

TOP 9 Best Biryani Restaurants in Chandigarh

Here are TOP 9 Best Biryani Restaurants in Chandigarh for you, which will serve you the Best Biryani in Hyderabadi style.

1) Baryani Chandigarh Industrial Area (4.5 ratings)

Baryani Chandigarh Industrial Area
Baryani Chandigarh Industrial Area

Address: Plot No 74, Industrial Area, Phase I, Chandigarh.

Baryani Chandigarh is the place where you will get the Best Biryani Veg & Non-Veg as well, it also serves nice quality.

Sometimes it is difficult when you are vegetarian and you have to compromise with the flavor and taste of Biryani.

Being a Vegetarian are you facing a problem finding good Veg Biryani?

Then your wish to get veg Biryani in Chandigarh will be easy with Baryani Chandigarh Industrial Area, it serves value for money without compromising with the taste.

It is also famous for serving chicken and paneer tikka biryani and they present you a huge variety of in the menu biryani alone.

2) Biryani by Kilo with (4.1 ratings)

Biryani by Kilo
Biryani by Kilo

Address: SCO 71, Ground Floor, Sector 30-C, Chandigarh, 160030

Biryani By Kilo was founded by Roy in May 2015, while Jindal.

Biryani by Kilo serves you Hyderabadi Biryani, Lucknowi Biryani, Kolkata Biryani with real flavor and will be loved by you.

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3) The Biryani Story with (4.0 ratings)

The Biryani story
The Biryani Story

Address: Midpoint Cafe, Sector 21C, Chandigarh, 160022

The Biryani Story tells you many stories about Hyderabad, Lucknow, Kolkata by performing an impressive taste of Biryani.

They serve with hygiene. If you don’t want to go out for a meal then The Biryani Story is the best place to order online biryani with 18 different types of variety Biryani.

4) Alnoor Biryani Center with (4.0 ratings)

Alnoor Biryani Center
Alnoor Biryani Center

Address: Booth 205, Near Sector 15 D, Chandigarh

It is a quick byte type small restaurant but when it comes to Biryani, it competes for all big places, and Biryani from Alnoor Biryani Center used to be in demand always.

So those who all are in the biggest love of chicken biryani one should try Biryani from Alnoor Biryani Center.

5) Noorani by Nihari with (4.2 ratings)

Noorani by nihari
Noorani by Nihari

Address: SCO 187, Sector 7-C, Chandigarh, 160019

Matka Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Chicken Dum Biryani, Lahori Chicken, Hyderabadi Biryani are the most famous categories of Biryani you will find at Noorani by Nihari.

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6) The Biryani Boxx with (3.7 ratings)

The Biryani Boxx
The Biryani Boxx

Address: Plot 102, Phase 2, Industrial Area, Chandigarh

The Biryani Boxx serves the quality of biryani with good flavor and righty priced Biryani that one must order.

Biryani has a unique taste itself if someone trying to make Biryani without that unique taste it’s completely worthless. The Biryani Boxx is a box filled with cuisine that makes a meal satisfactory.

7) Biryani Darbar comes out with (3.8 ratings)

Biryani Darbar
Biryani Darbar

Address: Plot 181/45, Business Park, Phase 1, Chandigarh

Like all places, Biryani Darbar has also the most likely same menu like Chicken Dum Biryani, Jafrani Chicken Biryani, Muglai Chicken Biryani.

8) The Biryani Mill (rated 3.8)

The Biryani Mill
The Biryani Mill

Address: Sector 35, Chandigarh.

The Biryani Mill serves variety like Subz Biryani, Paneer Dum Biryani, Kacha Ghost Biryani, Chicken Kabsa Biryani, Tufaani Biryani, Murg Hydrabadi Biryani, Makhmali Biryani, these kinds of the special name of biryani will attract you more and will make effects of water in your mouth.

9) Pakeeza Biryani Corner with (3.9 ratings)

Pakeeza Biryani
Pakeeza Biryani

Address: Booth 199, Patel Market, Near Sector 15 D, Chandigarh

Pakeeza Biryani Corner is famous for chicken and specialty of Pakeeza Biryani increases when it comes to Chicken Biryani. People rush to have Biryani over the places where they will get non-veg Biryani without compromising with the taste.

Foodies, Food lovers, Food explorers only know the value of having healthy as well as tasty food. It is very difficult to catch both tastes and healthy at the same time but nothing can be impossible for the human brain.

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