Usha Boosts Its Pressure Pumps Range

Usha Boosts its Pressure Pumps range

Usha Boosts its Pressure Pumps range: Usha International Ltd., one of India’s leading consumer durables company, has launched three models in the Premia Boost range of Pressure Boosting Pumps fortifying its electric water pump portfolio.

In modern dwellings, with increase in demand of water used, there is a need for ensuring 24×7 consistent water pressure for varying water usage patterns. Pressure Booster Pumps address this need by boosting the required water pressure through different technology and configurations thus resolving the big issue of consistent water pressure across all faucets in a household at the same time.

The Usha’s Premia Boost series is equipped with Y type brass strainer to restrict the entry of foreign particles and provide clean water. Products are designed for long term use with key features which safeguard the product and provide long life and consistent water pressure. Premia Boost series caters to need of consumers from 1 to 5 bathrooms homes and comes in capacity of 0.5 HP, 0.75 HP and 1.0 HP. The range provides choice to consumer for booster pumps with hydro-pneumatic tanks of 2 litres or 24 litres depending on the need of the consumers. The pumps are designed with Stainless Steel impellers/ diffusers, redefined motor body fins to avoid energy loss and give longer life to the product with competitive performance in the industry. The range of pressure booster pump series from Usha are set to provide joy to consumers with consistent water pressure and also make the next generation rain showers or body shower panels or spa showers come to life with the adequate water pressure. These products are an ideal complement to any modern home.

The Usha Premia Boost range is priced between INR 9,670/- for 0.5 HP to INR 22,800/- for 1.0 HP models. To ensure consumer convenience and comfort, Usha provides customer service via more than 350 service centers with trained technicians across the country. The products are marketed through Usha showrooms and dealers pan India.


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