Value for Money and Quality Oriented Cosmetics will Now be Available in India also, says Founder of Onest Ltd. Pawan Gupta


The market size of Indian personal care industry is growing day by day. Not only women but even men are equally taking interest in selecting and using products which suits them best. Onest Limited is such a company which believes that self-care products are very empowering. It is a very strong tool for an individual to build personality and gain good confidence.

Onest Limited

Mr. Pawan Kumar Gupta, Founder of Onest Limited shares his 20 years skillful journey and says, “Ive worked with renowned brands in Personal Care and have realised that maximum key players in our industry are spending very small part of revenue on real input cost of products and rest major portion in promotion and others, making the products very costly for common consumers. Hence we came up with Florona, A Personal Care Brand from Onest Limited where we believe in delivering Honest Products Quality at Honest Price where consumer pay for product quality only and not for its promotion.”

He adds, “A team of technocrats from renowned FMCG firms have spent years researching MNC Quality Value For Money Personal Care products which is need of the hour due to emerging economical depressions throughout various segments of society in this Pandemic Scenario of COVID-19.”

Onest is a company based on the principle of scientific Research and Development with Value For Money Ideology, which mainly deals in Personal Care, Home Care and Hygiene products. Apart from their Florona brand, some of the biggest American, European & Indian firms are also associated with Onest for whom they are manufacturing Private Label products. Onest Ltd., aims to become the World’s Most Economical Private Labeling Company. Onest has been a regular participant and member of PLMA Trade Show (Private Label Manufacturers Association) where the giants like Dabur Limited also exhibit for International Private labeling opportunities.

Onest has its presence in 60 countries across the Globe in North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia continents. Onest has been perhaps the only Indian FMCG company to secure Star Export House status based on its first year of operations only.

The three-year-old start-up has managed to find its footing in the personal care industry. At a time when most retail and e-commerce companies are still figuring ways to deal with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Onest has managed to grow by its revenues and has secured an annual revenue of Rs. 62 Crore last year and Rs. 25 Crores only in the last quarter from its pre-lockdown numbers. Since its inception, Onest has witnessed nearly 50 percent growth in revenue with a 25 percent Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and expect to maintain same in upcoming years.

It has entered the Indian market with a MNC Quality at Value for money concept. Onest aspires to appoint distributors across India and at the same time to be available in all Modern Trade Outlets, started with V2 Retail in India and Bhat Bhateni, Most Popular Retail Chain of Nepal.

The future plans of Onest includes listing the company at BSE in addition to enter 100 countries, and achieve Rs. 500 Crores turnover in five years and launching the India’s most affordable luxury D2C brand which will lead to revolutionary innovation for our countrys Personal Care Industry.

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