Vastu For Entrance of Home to Offer a Flourishing Lifestyle

Vastu shastra offers a variety of remedies for architectural and constructional faults, and the placement of the main door is one of them. This article will discuss the tips of Vastu for entrance of home, which can bring a fresh breath of air for the dwellers. The main door is considered to be the entry point of energy and the first impression for the guests. People who are buying new houses or flats need to know about the main entrances of the house to repulse any negative energy trying to enter the house and attract positivity and good health.   

Foyer Space
All the inhabitants of urban areas are not lucky to have a foyer space at their house. Whether it is a lack of space or financial affordability, this space is getting obsolete. Yet, for those who can afford it, the best shape for this space is a narrow passage that leads to the wide space of the house. 

Direction And Layout of The Main Entrance 

It is always recommended to have the main entrance facing the north, east, or northeast direction. Sometimes, the west direction can be considered. 

However, the south, west, southwest, or southeast directions are considered inauspicious. Those who are residing in an already constructed house or flat can remove the defect of the south or southwest by hanging or placing a lead metal pyramid or lead helix. 

The northwest door can be corrected with a brass pyramid or helix, while the southeast directional door can be corrected with a copper helix. 

In urban areas, there is little control of the layout. People buying houses should check that the main door of the house does not face

 the neighbor’s main door or its shadow. Later, this will create problems and is not a good sign according to Vastu for entrance of home. 

  •  Southeast: The southeast or southwest facing main entrances are a Vastu dosha 
  •  Northeast: This direction is ideal for a house entrance. This direction draws immense energy and, owing to the exposure to the morning sunlight, adds vitality to the residents
  • North: The direction brings wealth and prosperity to the family. This direction is the second best for the main door
  • East: The east directions are said to increase power and add festivity 
  • Northwest: The benefits of the evening light are welcome

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Positioning of The Door And House Entrance

The main door and the house entrance are on the same side. The doors open at a 90-degree angle without any obstacles and open in a clockwise direction according to Vastu for entrance of home. The hinges are polished, and the accessories are polished. 

Vastu for House entrance

Entrance With Ample Sunlight

The main entrance is always well lit. Sunlight should properly enter the area. During the night, the area should be lit with warm lights like yellow. Dark colours, especially red, are avoided. 

The Main Door Size And Doorbell Placements

The main door is normally seven feet long and three feet wide. The main door should be a little bigger than the other doors in the house. This will bring good luck and health to the inhabitants. It is best if the door comes with two frames rather than one single piece. If it is in one single piece, then the door needs to open inwards. The doorway should be well spaced and away from any corners. The owner should not use the backdoor of the house as the main entrance. It is for domestic help and other staff.

The Nature of The Doors According to Vastu For Entrance of Home

The best material for the main door is wood, like teak or mahogany. The entrance door will work better if it is aesthetically designed. Any kind of sliding or circular-shaped door should be avoided. They will look sophisticated, but they do not follow the rules of Vastu. Simple and superior quality wooden doors are preferable, which is supposed to correct any Vastu dosha. The doors with lots of scratches or cracks should be repaired as they lead to a loss of respect. Using peepal or coconut wood is inauspicious as they are not well protected. 

Attract Prosperity Through A Nameplate

Vastu for nameplate

Sticking an attractive nameplate shows a good sign of the owner. A metal nameplate is always recommended for the doors facing north or west. The wooden nameplate is best for the doors in the south or east direction. The left side of the door is the best position to stick the nameplate. 

The height of the doorbell is normally above five feet and above. The sound should be soothing and high-pitched or brassy sounded doorbells should be avoided. 

Shoe Rack Placement

With the daily lifestyle and convenience, people often keep their shoe racks in front of the main door, forgetting about the Vastu. Some people often keep their dustbins there, which attracts bad fortune and distracts the goddess Laxmi. Due to space issues, the shoe racks need to be covered, and they must have a cushion above them for the convenience of the guests. 

Stone Studded Doorway And Steps Leading to The Doorway

The steps of the doorways need to be odd-numbered, as that is believed to bring good luck. 

Threshold Importance According to Vastu for Entrance of Home

A threshold is also important for a house. The house must be constructed above ground level. The same level of construction spells positive and negative energy at the same time. Threshold acts as the barrier to entrance of the bad vibes and loss of wealth. Wooden or marble thresholds are preferred. 

The Colours of The Main Door

There are no specific colours for the main doors. These are some of the colours used to increase positivity inside and outside the house. 

Vastu for Door colors
  • North: Green
  • East: White, light blue, or brown
  • West: Blue or white
  • Northeast: Yellow or cream
  • South: Orange, silver, or pink
  • Northwest: White or cream
  • Southwest: Yellow

Door Mats at the Entrance

The doormat signifies the removal of all sorts of negative energies from the house. So, dusting the feet on the doormat is very important. These mats need to be cleaned after every interval. The natural fiber and rectangular-shaped doormat are ideal. 

Locks and keys to The Main Entrance

The locks and keys of the main entrance should work smoothly. The east-facing door needs a copper lock, while the west-facing door requires an iron lock as this direction faces Lord Shani. 

The north door needs a brass lock, while the south-facing door requires a panch dhatu lock, an amalgamation of five metals. Rusted locks need to be repaired or thrown away. 

The metal keys are balanced with wooden keychains. But, fancy keychains like pistols, scissors, skulls, or knives are avoided as they are inauspicious according to Vastu for entrance of home. 

Rather than symbols like tortoises, elephants, the sun, or flowers, should be kept. The keyholder inside the master bedroom towards the north is ideal. The keys should not be kept above the dining table or above the shoe rack that attracts negative energy. 

Vastu With Torans

The Toran with 108 panchmukhi rudraksha increases spiritual wellbeing. Torans made of Ashoka leaves to ward off evil spirits. Seashell torans will remove any Vastu dosha and bring in good luck. Presently, there are various kinds of torans found in the market that are made of cloth, pearls, gemstones, bells, and more. Toran can be opted with auspicious colours like yellow, red, green, or orange. 

Main Doors Have Attractive Handles And Carvings

Vastu For dooe handles

A variety of door handles are available on the market. The contemporary or antique handles are both good. However, the south-facing door needs brass handles. The west-facing door needs a metal door handle. The east-facing ones require a wooden handle, and the north-facing the door with a silver handle is considered auspicious according to Vastu for entrance of home. 

Wood carving is an ancient tradition. The owners can give it a contemporary touch with cravings of gods or swastika. Carvings can be auspicious and are found to bring good luck and positivity inside the house. 

Feng Shui For the Main Entrance

Hanging three old Chinese coins with red ribbons at the handle of the door from the inside is a sign of good luck. Placing a laughing Buddha facing the main door but placed inside the house is good. The energy coming from outside is welcomed by the Buddha, and unwanted energies are absorbed. 

Things To do For The Main Entrance Space According to Vastu For Entrance of Home

  • Adequate sunlight is ensured for the space
  • A glass vase filled with water and flowers in this space ensures positive energy
  • Drawing or sticking a picture of Lakshmi’s foot is also a good sign
  • Images or statues of Lord Ganesha or Goddess Laxmi or even the Kuldevta, or the family deity at the entrance, are found to be auspicious. Images like cows with calves, parrots, and peacocks are also beneficial. Symbols like “Om” or “Swastika” are quite popular
  • Plants like money plants or tulsi can be planted. Any other decorative item can be placed apart from animal statues or water bodies
  • Torans can be placed for good signs. Torans made of real mango leaves and marigold flowers are auspicious. It should be changed at regular intervals
  • Coloured rangoli or decorative hanging bells are effective to invite positive energy. Rangoli is considered to ward off evil if it is organic and made from common ingredients like flowers or rice
  • Brown or red curtains at the southeast entrance remove Vastu dosha. 9 red carnelian stones facing the same direction also prove to remove negativity
  • Horseshoes can be hung to remove any negative energy

Things Not to Keep in Front of The Main Entrance:

  • Dustbin, shoe racks, or old and broken furniture should not be kept at the front door
  • Mirrors should be avoided
  • Black coloured paintings or statues must be avoided
  • Red lights need to be avoided for lighting the main door
  • Any water elements, like fountains, any kinds of fruit-bearing trees, and animal statues, are avoided
  • The bathrooms of the house should not be close to the main entrance
  • Black colour is avoided for main doors
  • Septic tanks can never be placed around the main entrances
  • Self-closing doors are avoided
  • Walls opposite the main entrance are avoided

Vastu Dosha Removal For Main Entrances

  • The malign effect of the southwest direction is removed by painting or sticking images of Om, Swastika, or even the Gayatri mantra on top of the main entrance. Putting a Panchmukhi Lord Hanumanji image with his Gada on his left hand is also auspicious according to Vastu for entrances to the home.
  • Plants and wind chimes can bring positive energies
  • The entrances of two houses facing each other is a Vastu defect that can be removed by drawing a swastika with red kumkum
  • The kitchen also acts as a Vastu dosha for the main entrance. To reduce this, hanging a crystal ball between the entrance and kitchen will solve the issue.

Written By: Manashi Dey

(Disclaimer: This article is from the author’s perspective. Kindly do check with experts before following. will not be responsible for any kind of inconvenience and incorrect or misleading information.)

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