9 Plants That Can Be Grown In Water.  Certain houseplants don't need soil to grow; they may grow in water. The list is as follows:

Most people believe that they must get their hands dirty in mud and soil in order to develop and propagate a plant. Certain Houseplants don't need soil to grow; they may grow in water. 

SPIDER PLANT : Spider plants are well known for their minimal maintenance and ability to filter the air. The best part is that they may even be grown and multiplied using only water—not dirt or soil.

LUCKY BAMBOO: In many cultures, lucky bamboo is seen as a sign of prosperity and good fortune. The fortunate bamboo plant thrives  in water.

POTHOS: Another excellent plant that grows only in water  is pothos. When put in a large bowl of freshly  drawn water.

SNAKE PLANTS: You can soak snake plant cuttings in a bowl or bottle of water to encourage  the growth of new roots  over time.

MONSTERA With the right care, monstera may grow well in water as well as in soil. It has huge, glossy leaves. Just make sure the water and vessel are free of algae accumulation.

CHINESE EVERGREEN This plant grows from the stem and even produces a few offshoots from the roots when grown in water.

PHILODENDRON This kind of Plant is well-known for its rapid growth and ease of maintenance. It can be seen to grow and spread simply by putting a new cutting of it in a bottle.

PEACE LILY The peace lily is distinguished by its stunning white blossoms and its dark, glossy foliage. Although they usually grow in soil, peace lilies may tolerate growing in water.

ENGLISH IVY English Ivy is a lovely vine that grows well even in the absence of additional or substantial nutrients. English Ivy grows into long, trailing tendrils when planted in water.