Webinar on ‘How to stay Positive in Covid’ Attended By 100 SBI employees

Webinar on ‘How to stay Positive in Covid’ Attended By 100 SBI employees

As many as 100 State Bank of India employees from various location offices attended a webinar on “How to remain positive in Covid times” on Saturday. The webinar was organized by SBI local head office, sector 17 in association with Faith Hospital, Chandigarh.

Speaking during the webinar, Dr. Damanjit Kaur- a senior psychiatrist at Faith said that staying positive in today’s pandemic is the need of the hour. With so much fear and stress around, it’s a challenging time as we have to strive hard to stay fit at our immunity and on the other hand, we have to fight with this pandemic related depression, fear, anxiety & depression, she said.

Talking about the tips to manage stress and anxiety she said that one should limit intake of social media and live life responsibly. Accept the truth and make your own action plan and act according to the situation. 

Dr. Damanjit further said that share and speak positive things to your peers and look after your immunity and stick to the rules.

Be best friends with your mind and spend time there and make a habit of deep breathing regularly. One should learn something new, develop a hobby, practice gratitude and write down your things, she opined.

Getting vaccinated will also give you a good sense of being protected and thereby sending good vibes to your body, she maintained.

Among others SBI officials, Manoj Kumar Sinha-CDO,  Nipat Bajaj, chief manager-IR, Dr. Satbir Singh, senior medical officer and Dr. Anusha, bank medical officer also attended the webinar.

Nipat Bajaj said that organizing such webinars is now a need of the hour and to spread positivity.

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