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Kejriwal assures to keep his promise of providing free WiFi in Delhi

The AAP-led Delhi government completed its three years on Wednesday. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal revealed his future plans. However, his plans include roads and drains in unauthorised colonies, building of 900 Mohalla Clinics, and funds for free WiFi.

Moreover, he addressed an event to mark the third anniversary of the AAP government. Kejriwal said, AAP is all set to allot full budget to implement free WiFi in entire Delhi.

However, he took a dig at the Central government for playing ‘dirty politics’ by stalling the development works in the city. Therefore, he said he can reveal all the wrong deeds of the central government if he gets the access to all the files.

Therefore, he claimed that all the noticeable work in health, education, water and electricity has been done in the past three years. However, he claims that his government invested the highest in health and education in the country.

However, Kejriwal said, “Our work in health and education has been historic. There has been a massive and unprecedented investment in the expansion of health and education sectors. This is the biggest ever. This is because we believe in people.”

Moreover, he revealed his government’s three-tier healthcare model. The AAP government claims to increase the bed capacity of hospitals by 50 per cent. Therefore, they believe that in a few months there will be more than 900 mohalla clinics in Delhi. Hence, Kejriwal went on to list the achievements made in the education sector with 20 new schools and classrooms.


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