Vidyashilp Education Group Establishes Vidyashilp University

The Vidyashilp University has been established under Karnataka Act No.20 of 2021 in Bangalore. The University will provide a unique Vidyashilp experience to students while nurturing them to be self-aware, confident, empathetic and resourceful. It will aim to create a community of empowered students and faculty that will evolve into conscientious leaders, through its integrated multi-domain, interdisciplinary programs. The University will commence the first academic year 2021-22 in September this year.

Backed by the excellent legacy of the Vidyashilp Education Group, Vidyashilp University takes cognizance of NEP 2020 and provides meaningful learning experiences to enable students to apply their skills in solving real-world problems. This will be achieved through its unique blend of path-breaking programs with a focus on domain expertise and its interdisciplinary applications.

Dr. Dayananda Pai, Chancellor, Vidyashilp University, said, “The Vidyashilp Education Group has shaped generations of young minds, and now extends its vision and impact to the higher education space through Vidyashilp University. The education system is in immense need of disruption for creating new age opportunities and unlocking the potential of students so that they can create a better world. We are committed to creating meaningful and collective learning experiences to raise conscientious leaders who will be beacons of change for a progressive and sustainable society.”

Adding further, Dr. Dayananda Pai said, “We believe that innovation, ideas and growth lie at the intersection of deep domain knowledge and its horizontal applications across contexts. Hence, we have designed our programs to build not only students’ domain expertise but also provide them with opportunities for interdisciplinary applications. The approach will equip our graduates to solve real-world problems of a dynamic business ecosystem and complex societal issues.”

Vidyashilp University will provide students with the compass for life – character, competence, capacity and catalyst to change. Built on the Vidyashilp legacy and belief that education needs to adapt to the unique strengths of a student, the University will strive to impart personalized education, enabling them to take ownership of their academic and professional choices. Setting a strong foundation of domain skills with an interdisciplinary approach, Vidyashilp University will also empower students to understand societal problems and drive solutions. This stems from the increasing need for conscientious leaders who not only prioritize business growth but also create an impact on the larger community.

About Vidyashilp Education Group

Vidyashilp Education Group (VSEG) is recognized worldwide for their unique curriculum and teaching practices. Backed by the legacy of close to four decades and years of proven excellence, the portfolio of institutions provide thought leadership to the education community across the country. The Group consists of the flagship Vidyashilp Academy, Vidyasagar Preschools and the Vidyashilp Schools. VSEG has impacted over 10,000 students across 5 institutes spread over 37 acres. The Group has over 300 faculty, over 800 awards, and 15 National and International Associations.

Vidyashilp imparts freedom in learning and focuses on the unique strengths and skills of every student.

VSEG extends it’s educational excellence to the higher education space with the launch of the Vidyashilp University.

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