Punjab Vigilance inspects wheat procurement in anaj mandis

wheat procurement in anaj mandis

Chandigarh, April 27:

Punjab Vigilance Bureau (VB) today inspected various grain markets in the state to check ongoing paddy procurement process so as to ensure that farmers and commission agents should not face any difficulty or harassment at the hands of any corrupt official.

State Vigilance Bureau Chief Director-cum-ADGP B.K. Uppal said all SSPs, DSPs and officials of various vigilance ranges have been asked to pay surprise visits at the grain markets (Mandis) by forming different teams so that farmers did not face any difficulty in selling their crops.

VB chief added that the designated employees of food supply department and various purchase agencies also accompanied the VB teams so that procurement process should not involve any irregularities and problems.

“Special teams formed in this regard have been asked to check any irregularity in the purchase, weight, payment and lifting process or lack of any basic facility in the grain markets and sub yards. They have also been instructed to get feedback from farmers and the Arhtiyas as well”, Uppal said.

He added that inspection reports collected from the field officers indicates satisfactory procurement arrangements as well as smooth weighing and lifting of wheat. He ensured the farmers that VB was fully committed to safeguard their interests and corruption at any level in the procurement process would not be spared. He appealed the public to report corruption by any public servant and other such grievances at Vigilance Bureau’s toll free number 1800 1800 1000 without any hesitation.

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