Heart valve surgery now possible with small cuts, even without operation; expert  

Heart valve surgery without Operation

“Heart valve surgery is the second most common heart operation after bypass surgery. Various causes like birth defects, infections and advanced age can lead to heart valve problems,”

Talking to media during a program to increase awareness and allay misconceptions about heart valve surgery at a hotel here on Wednesday, Dr. Pankaj Goel, chief heart surgeon at Ivy Hospital, Amritsar said that rheumatic heart disease remains the commonest cause.

The patients usually have progressive shortness of breath or palpitations. Initial stages are managed with medicines but eventually heart valve surgery is required, he explained.

He further informed that during surgery the valve can be repaired or replaced depending on the severity of damage.

Dr. Goel also emphasized that now valve operation is possible through small cuts and even without operation.

Meanwhile during the occasion the patients who have undergone valve operation also shared their experiences of how they were afraid of surgery but are leading normal lives after operation.

Sanjay Roy, facility director said that Ivy Hospital , Amritsar is committed to provide best healthcare services in this region.

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