How To Grow Nails Faster? Flaunt Your Stunning Nails!

how to grow nails faster?

Let us embrace the originality of natural nails! In the era where nail extensions are high on a trend, let’s make your natural nails shine brilliantly. Hence, get to know how to grow nails faster?

Nail Extensions Vs. Natural Nails

Nail extensions are not only costly but also hazardous to the health of your natural nails. Hence, one can even develop nail infections. Also, extensions can prevent the natural growth of your nails. So, why not get rid of these extensions and flaunt your natural nails. Therefore, have a look at the tips on How to grow nails faster?

Every girl loves to flaunt her long nails. Some grow them naturally while others have slower nail Growth and they usually have weak and brittle nails. So, to have long nails, these girls opt for nail extensions. In the case of nail extensions, firstly, they apply a hard gel polish to your natural nails and then they cure it with UV light. However, for lengthening your nails, they attach a nail form beneath your nails. Nail extensions usually last for 2 to 4 weeks.

However, natural nails portray the beauty of originality. Hence, get on to growing your nails naturally so that you can flaunt your originality in a beautiful manner. Hence, you must check out the many way listed in this article for growing nails.

Before getting your nails to grow faster, you must be aware of the causes of your weak nails.

Nail Extensions
Nail Extensions

Causes for Weak, Brittle Nails, That You must Get Rid of in order to grow Natural Nails

The causes of weak nails are:

  • Using excessive nail polish remover, sanitizer, detergents make your nails soft and brittle.
  • Furthermore, washing and drying your nails too much that they lack moisture and become dry and brittle.
  • Biting your nails can make them weak as your saliva can dissolve your nails and skin around your cuticles.
  • Ageing also weakens your nails.
  • Even low thyroid levels can contribute to weak nails, hair loss, fatigue, constipation etc.

How To Grow Nails Faster?

Certainly, the charm of long nails increases the beauty of hands by many folds. However, not everybody gets this charm. Indeed, Brittle, Weak, Thin nails gives us the worst blues. Hence, that is the reason that many of us bank upon nail extensions. But natural is definitely projecting your real self.

Have a look at these tips to grow your nails faster.

1. Protect your Nails

Nevertheless, different chemicals like acetone can lead to thin, brittle and weak nails. So protect your nails from these chemicals to grow your nails.

2. Keep your Nails Moisturized

Hydration is the answer to How to grow nails faster. Certainly dry nails are more prone to chipping. Keeping your nails moisturized can prevent their breakage besides keeping them flexible.

How to grow nails faster
How To Grow Nails Faster?

3. Eat Your Vitamins

Poor nutrition may slow down your nail growth. But Vitamin B9 or folic acid maintains your nail health. In fact, whole grains and legumes are rich in folic acid. Hence, without any doubt they can make your nails grow faster.

Iron is the key ingredient and an answer to how to grow nails faster!

Deficiency of iron can lead to brittle and broken nails. Iron is the answer to How to grow nails faster.


Nevertheless, lack of physical activity can slow down nail growth. So, undeniably exercising is good for your health and nail length.

How to Grow Nails Faster by Maintaining Hygiene

Maintain your nail hygiene. Keep them clean and dry. Because, excessive moisture can make your nails prone to infection.

1. Don’t pick at your cuticles

To keep your nails stronger, the skin at the cuticles need to be healthy as explained by a dermatologist.

What to eat for nail growth?

Eggs, Lentils, Wholegrain bread, Salmon, Sweet potatoes and Strawberries are the answer to How to grow nails faster!

how to grow nails faster by eating well
How to grow nails faster by eating well?

2. Stop making use of your nails as tools

Peeling labels, scrapping glue can damage your nails. Also keep your nails out of water as prolonged exposure to water may make them weak.

Massage your nails with coconut or olive oil, and that is the answer to how to grow nails faster

Evidently massage your nails using coconut oil in a circular motion every night. This leads to blood circulation. Furthermore, it promotes nail growth.

1. Apply the base coat

Apply the base coat before applying the nail paint. The base coat acts as a protective layer for your nail.

2. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is the answer to how to grow nails faster. After washing your hands, apply some jelly on your nails and keep it for 5 minutes. Hence, you would get rid of weak nails.

3. Give your nails a break from Nail Paint

Wearing nail paints for a longer period can make your nails weak. So, give them a break from these nail paints.

4. Add more Biotin to your Diet

Soy, nuts, cauliflower, mushrooms and beans are all biotin rich foods. Hence consuming them can contribute to nail growth.

You can apply these tips and remedies while sitting at your homes. What more do you need? No need to spare time and visit your nail artist to get the nail extensions that last only 2 to 4 weeks. Therefore, apply these remedies and make your nails function ready everyday. Flaunt them daily!


Summing up, the causes of weak and brittle nails are lack of hydration, excessive use of removers and detergents, aging and poor diet, let’s work over them. Nevertheless, long nails increase the beauty of hands by many folds. So, why to spend bucks on nail extensions when you can grow your nails naturally by massaging them with oils, keeping, having a balanced diet, adding physical activity to your routine, maintaining their hygiene and giving them a break from the nail polish. These are all the answers to How to grow nails faster!

Nails are the core of hand beauty. Remember to maintain them and flaunt them. Natural nails are no less trendy than the extensions. Let’s embrace the originality of our nails.


Written By: Daman Deep Kaur

(Disclaimer: All the statements are opinions and perspectives. Hence, the accuracy of the facts is not guaranteed)

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