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Sameer Jhanjotra ’s Journey to Mumbai

Sameer Jhanjotra ’s Journey to Mumbai

Sameer Jhanjotra, from Chandigarh, A Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, coach and fitness instructor made his debut in India’s first ever MMA reality show ‘Kumite 1 Warrior Hunt in Mumbai.’

The show is now streaming on MX player. The show is hosted by MMA enthusiast and Hindi cinema’s marvel veteran Suniel Shetty.

Produced in partnership with Toyam Sports Limited, MX Player’s Kumite1 Warrior Hunt has roped in SATSport News as the Title Sponsor. The trailer introduces Suniel Shetty making his debut as the host in search of the ultimate warrior.

Respected and highly accomplished Indian athletes in the field of mixed martial arts, (Bharat Kandare and Pawan Mann) are also taking part of this show and competing against each other as coaches to the 16 shortlisted candidates. Sameer Jhanjotra, who’s one of the 16 athletes was under the training and guidance of Pawan Mann.

After watching Sameer’s fight the show host Suniel Shetty was left highly impressed with the level of skill that the fighter had and said, “After watching this fight, I can definitely say that MMA in India has arrived!”

Sameer dominated his opponent in round one of his fight, where he used his outstanding wrestling skills to take down his opponent thrice, almost finishing the fight by (TKO) and even taking his guard down to intimidate his opponent.

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