Irrfan Khan New movie: Angrezi Medium Comeback After 2 Years

Angrezi Medium

It will be Another blockbuster with the comeback of Irrfan Khan new movie after 2 years. Angrezi medium with fulfilling the Friday fears of Indian cinema.

ACTOR Irrfan Khan is the asset for Bollywood who has been cracking the Friday fears of Indian cinema. The unflagging Irrfan Khan on Angrezi Medium, and also in terms of his unconditional love for his sons.

53 years old, Irrfan Khan has been kept away from the screen for about 2 years because of the arrival of ‘unwanted guest’ in his body.

Irrfan Khan
Irrfan Khan

This Friday fans of Irrfan Khan will get surprised by his upcoming movie Angrezi Medium, which is a story about a father’s desperate attempt to fulfill his daughter’s wish.

On March 16, 2018, Irrfan Khan shared the most shocking news of being diagnosed with a neuroendocrine tumor, a rare type of cancer. The actor who has been given Hits like Maqbool(2003), Life of Pi(2012), The Lunchbox(2013), and also shot for Angrezi Medium during the period of his treatment.

Irrfan was regretful on not being part of the promotions of AngreziMedium but he responded to all emails from the fans:

  • Each of your messages in public, ever since your illness was detected, is infused with gentle humor and optimism. How closely do u relate to Angrezi Medium?

Irrfan replied: “You know what is worse than one’s fear of death? To live and be dead. I believe everything which works against the uneven. I have faith in miracles and I believe obtaining the unattaining with the undying spirit which is also shown in the movie, a father with his ‘undying spirit’.

  • You have played many roles as Father in previous movies like PaanSingh Tomar, Qissa, Hindi Medium, what special is in this movie playing again as a father?

Irrfan said: “Husband, Wife, Daughter, Son, Uncle, Aunt are of relationships.but the relationship doesn’t determine all the men who are fathers or all the women who are wives. Each story is different as it plays out as the situations are different and in its own way, each is special or I wouldn’t do them.

pan singh tomar movie
pan singh tomar movie scene
  • While spending more time with your sons and family what you have discovered about each other?

Irrfan said: Whenever I am free I used to spend all the time with my family and sons, they have bloomed and are blooming. Also, I have discovered how my unconventional parenting has finally paid off. I have never been a strict father I just loved them unconditionally, that’s my mantra with no expectation policy from children and this is what makes us all happy.

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  • When you look back, what do cinema and acting mean to you? can a Friday release ever be treated merely as yet another movie release?

Irrfan says: There was a time when Irrfan khan wanted to have name and fame. But slowly it changed to stories to be held, moments to be lived, memorize to be with you, immaterial of material things. This Friday release is a burden we have been carrying on our shoulders for far too long. The success of the film is never calculated on a single actor. Yes, one cant denies the repercussions. But at the end of the day, after a film released, can you change a thing? No. Then, we all must learn to live with it and not die of anxiety.

Irrfan Khan's new movie
Irrfan Khan’s new movie
  • The day before Angrezi Medium’s trailer launch, you mentioned in your messages,” you are there and you are not there with us ( main Aaj aapke saath hoon Bhi aur nahin Bhi ) you considered this as a different perspective of life?

Irrfan thoughts behind this: Of course, it has, it’s the micro mechanism of life you touch now. you have looked at life with a new relaxed eye without hurry and anxiety.

This is how an Actor of classic movies touched the heart of many and showed the true reality of life when he was seeking only name and fame, now he can define the difference between life and death. Enjoy watching Irrfan Khan New movie.

Irrfan can connect his on-screen roles in depth because he has a sense of acceptance which makes him learn every single part of life.

Indian cinema is blessed to have an actor like Irrfan Khan.

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