Police Department Facilitates Pilgrims for Holla Mohalla With Unique Services

Holla Mohalla

SSP Rupnagar Swapan Sharma Ordered Police Force to Aid Pilgrims 24×7

Senior Superintendent of Police Mr. Swapan sharma is fully dedicated towards his works at holy ocassion of holla mohalla. SSP and Coressponding police officers with 2200 police employees are 24×7 working for uninterrupted traffic in the city. Swapan sharma and his team fully devoted in order to fulfil all the orders of District majistrate. Routes for outsiders have been converted keeping in mind the facilitation of people by SSP. Road map have been released and circulated in the area.

SSP Swapan sharma said that the prime aim for route change is to facilitate both the pilgrims and outsiders. He further added that pilgrims should be able to attend the ocassion uninterruptedly and outsiders can undisturbed pass through the city. DSP Sri Anandpur Sahib Chand Singh said that according to the orders of SSP, 2200 police employees deputed in holla mohalla. CCTV monitoring 24×7 also installed in holla mohalla area.


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