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The Greatest Ways That Help Obtain Relief From Acidity

Relief From Acidity

Acidity is a common issue faced by many individuals worldwide. Moreover, this illness is distinguished by heartburn in the lower chest area, which is produced by stomach acid refluxing back into the food pipe. Few individuals understand how bad eating habits and poor lifestyle choices contribute to this illness. While occasional acidity may not seem like a major concern, frequent or severe acid reflux can significantly impact one’s quality of life. Fortunately, there are various effective ways to get relief from acidity and help alleviate the discomfort it brings.

What is Acidity?

The food we consume travels down the oesophagus to the stomach. So, the gastric glands in the stomach produce acid i.e. HYDROCHLORIC ACID (HCL), which is required to digest food and destroy pathogens. Moreover, acidity occurs when the stomach glands create a high amount of acid that exceeds the requirements for digestion. Furthermore, this illness is distinguished by a burning feeling just above the stomach or beneath the breastbone (the hollow portion).

How To Get Relief From Acidity?

There are many ways to get relief from acidity. However, the easiest and quickest way to get relief from acidity is consuming antacids. In fact, it is recommended to not to rely upon these medical sources as they also might have adverse effects on your health.

Remember, these remedies may not work for everyone, so it’s always a good idea to consult a doctor if you’re experiencing chronic acidity. 

 Relief From Acidity

Home Remedies for Acidity

Following are some home remedies which can help you get relief from acidity.

  • Drink a glass of cold milk or buttermilk. As, it can help neutralize stomach acid.
  • Chew on a piece of ginger or have ginger tea. As, gingerhas natural anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Sip on a cup of chamomile tea. It can soothe the stomach and reduce acidity.
  • Eat a banana. It can help balance the stomach’s pH levels.
  • Mix a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and drink it. So that this can provide temporary relief.
  • Chew on a few cloves. As they have natural properties that can help reduce acidity.
  • Drink aloe vera juice. It can soothe the stomach and provide relief.
  • Have a spoonful of honey. It can help neutralize stomach acid.
  • Sip on a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. This may help balance acidity levels.
  • Eat a handful of almonds. They can help neutralize stomach acid.

Though it is important to manage acidity through lifestyle changes, such as maintaining a healthy diet, avoiding trigger foods, managing stress levels, and practicing good eating habits. Moreover, if you’re experiencing extreme effects of acidity, it’s crucial to consult a healthcare professional for proper evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment options.

Following are some ways to get relief from acidity using yoga poses:

1. Cat-Cow Pose (Marjaryasana-Bitilasana)

This gentle flowing movement can help stretch and massage the digestive organs, promoting better digestion and relieving acidity.

2. Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)

This pose helps in stretching the abdominal muscles and improving digestion, which can help alleviate acidity.

3. Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)

This pose can help calm the mind and stretch the entire back of the body, including the digestive organs, which may help with acidity.

4. Extended Triangle Pose (Utthita Trikonasana)

This pose stretches and strengthens the abdominal muscles, stimulates digestion, and can provide relief from acidity.

Remember to listen to your body and practice yoga poses with caution. Moreover, if you have any underlying health conditions or concerns, it’s always best to consult a qualified yoga instructor or healthcare professional before starting a new yoga routine.

In conclusion, incorporating yoga into your routine can be a beneficial way to find relief from acidity. Furthermore, by practicing specific poses that target the digestive system and promote relaxation, you may experience improved digestion, reduced acid reflux, and a sense of overall well-being. However, it’s important to remember that yoga is not a substitute for medical advice. Therefore, if you’re experiencing chronic or severe acidity, it’s always best to consult with a healthcare professional for proper diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, stay mindful of your body’s needs and take care of yourself.

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