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From what age and how should the infant feed cow’s milk

From what age and how should the infant feed cow's milk

What will be the best age to give cow milk for the baby to the infant

It is good to include cow milk for baby or in the diet of growing children, while some mothers use cow’s milk as a material in preparing food for the newborn. This is especially done to nourish the baby, but before that, you should know that is cow’s milk really safe for newborns and children? So let us know when to start giving cow milk for the baby and what are the advantages and disadvantages of cow’s milk for children.

From what age can you give cow’s milk to your baby?

Until the child turns one year or 12 months, he should not give cow’s milk. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children under 12 months of age do not digest cow’s milk like breast milk and formula milk. Cow’s milk contains high amounts of protein and minerals, which can put pressure on the baby’s kidney. After the age of one year, both the stomach and kidneys of the child have become strong, so this age is right for the feeding of cows.

From what age can you give cow’s milk to your baby

Benefits of breastfeeding and feeding cow’s milk to the infant

After the age of one year, a child can be fed cow’s milk and this also gives the child many benefits, such as:

1) Muscle development: Cow’s milk contains a high amount of protein which is very important for the healthy development of the baby’s muscles

2) Beneficial for the circulatory system: Drinking cow’s milk daily is good to keep blood pressure balanced. It can benefit the entire circulatory system.

Benefits of breastfeeding and feeding cow’s milk to the infant

3) Development of veins: Cow’s milk contains phospholipid and glycosphingolipid called lipids which play an important role in the development of vein cells. According to experts, these lipids are helpful in the development of the veins of the baby’s brain.

Healthy to the bones: Regular intake of cow’s milk helps in the daily supply of calcium to the infant.

How to give cow’s milk to a child

Cow’s milk is difficult to digest and it should start giving milk in small quantities gradually. It may be that the child does not like cow’s milk, in the beginning, so feed it with a spoon or sip it. Do not add any other food item to cow’s milk at first. Put milk in a glass and give it to drink. This will help the child know the taste of cow’s milk.

How to give cow’s milk to a child

If today you have given a cup of milk to the child, then stop for a day or two before increasing the quantity of milk. It would be right to increase its quantity gradually. Make it a habit for the child to drink milk daily in the morning or in the evening.

How much milk should the child give

The infant should not be fed cow’s milk in excess of 946 ml per day. Drinking more milk can increase calorie intake and leave no room for other solid foods in the child’s stomach. If the child asks for more milk than the stated quantity, then give him breast milk or formula milk.

Disadvantages of drinking cow’s milk

Giving cow’s milk to infants below 12 months of age can cause harm. This can affect the inner lining of his stomach and intestines, causing blood in the stool. Excess blood loss can lead to iron deficiency anemia which can lead to many health problems. To avoid this, cow’s milk should not be given to the infant before the age of 12 months.

Disadvantages of drinking cow’s milk

Can you give cow’s milk with breast milk

According to medical experts, children of one year or two years of age can be given cow’s milk along with mother’s milk. Even if the child starts drinking cow’s milk, there is no need to stop breastfeeding.

Can you give cow’s milk with breast milk

Now you do not know from what age the infant should be fed cow’s milk and what are its advantages and disadvantages for him.

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