Low Cost Power by Roof Top Solar Systems

Roof Top Solar Systems
  • Roof Top Solar Plants of 24075 KW have been set up in the State by 1105 beneficiaries
  • 1KW to 1 MW power can power be generated by the roof top solar plants

Chandigarh, June 16 :

Punjab Energy Development Agency(PEDA) is trying hard to provide affordable power to the people. The Roof Top Net Metering Solar Project run by the department is being appreciated a lot by the people.

Giving the information, the Minister of Power and Renewable Energy, Mr. Gurpreet Singh Kangar said that Roof Top Net Metering Solar System leads to a huge reduction in electricity bill and power can be used according to one’s requirement. The Roof Top Solar System is a solar photovoltaic power system installed in vacant area or on the roof of the consumer’s pemises and generates electricity from the sunlight. NET Metering and Technical Standard Policy was released in 2014 to encourage Roof Top Solar Power Generation in Punjab.

He said that under this scheme in 2017-18, about 250 beneficiaries and till date 1105 beneficiaries have installed roof top solar plants of 24075 kW. Besides, about 3000 KW Roof Top Solar Plants are under construction. If the solar plant is installed at 80 percent of the section load then the electricity bill of the consumer is reduced by 80 percent.

Mr. Kangar said that energy is a means of progress. Due to the increase in population, industry and business, the energy requirement is increasing day by day. With this, the sources of energy such as diesel, coal and petrol are depleting fast and they will not be able to meet the energy needs for long;  we have to adopt new and renewable methods to meet the growing energy needs. So, in the current scenario, we should make full use of solar energy.

He told that the consumers can install them on houses roofs, vacant land, factories, government, semi-government, local body offices, business locations, institutes, domestic complexes etc. ranging from one kilowatt to one Mega Watt plant. According to the capacity of Roof Top Net Metering Solar system, the consumer can make personal use of solar power and can forward additional electricity to the grid of PSPCL. It also facilitates the banking of energy. If the net metering is done by PSPCL then the consumer can give additional power to PSPCL which can be used later by the consumer as saved/banked energy. The amount of collected/saved energy is reflected in the next bill. On the basis of the retail supply rate which is approved by PSPCL, the energy bill is prepared keeping in account for the total energy imported / exported by the consumer.

PEDA CEO Narinder Pal Singh Randhawa said that Punjab has a reservoir of solar power which can be used as electricity to illuminate our homes and lanes. The advantage of solar systems is that they can be installed in less time and their daily maintenance is little. In comparison to the other systems, this system is environment is friendly and once it is installed, it generates electricity throughout the day. Consumers who wish to install Solar Roof Top Projects should approach PEDA so that approval can be obtained as per the prescribed conditions and directions from the MNRE. GoI gives 30 percent capital subsidy on installation of SPV system.

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