Agrawal Conference Distributes 87500 Food Packets to Needy

Agarwal community Chandigarh

The All India Agarwal Conference Chandigarh has prepared food packets for about 3000 people daily from March 26 to the present day to reach the needy. State President Anand Singla and General Secretary Pradeep Bansal told that till now we have made 87500 food packets in “Agrasen ji’s kitchen Bhukhe Na Na Koi” and have reached the needy temple in every corner of the city.

All India Agrawal Conference distributes 87500 food packets to the needy

Along with this, the institution also provided drought rations to about 150 families and gave 110 PPE kits to Police Administration and Dhanvantari Hospital. 5000 years ago, following the tenet of our ancestor Maharaja Agrasen ji “one brick one rupiah”, the Agrawal community in Chandigarh is engaged day and night in the service of humanity. General Minister Pradeep Bansal said that today our society is a pioneer in the service of the needs of the entire nation. The members of the organization said that we will continue the arrangement of food until there is a lockdown in Chandigarh.

Agarwal community Chandigarh
Agarwal community Chandigarh

In this hour of grief, we distributed about 2000 packets daily in Budail, Badheedi, Ramdarbar, Colony 4, Cambwalla, Hallomajra, Cambwalla, Dhanas, Fadan, around the railway station and in the sectors of the market, the rickshaw drivers sleeping in the market and 1000 packets a day administration. Packing and distributing work of food is done by the women president of the conference, Dr. Sheenu Agarwal, Sachin Garg, Sushil Agarwal, Chandra Garg, Anup Gupta, Subhash Gupta, Mukesh Garg, Vijay Bansal, Pawan Bansal, Sunil Goyal, and Avnish Bansal.


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