On Blood Donation Camp, Organized by Rock And Storm Group

Blood Donation Camp by Rock And Storm Group

Chandigarh June 25:

Rock And Storm group has been contributing to the nations on several fronts directly & indirectly through various corporate social responsibility like save earth, cycling for good health, plantation, mentally  retired persons & society etc. and now group organized a blood donation at Zirakpur, the noblest of them all being giving away a part of themselves by volunteering to donate the blood . The inauguration of this camp done by company MD Mr. Arundeep Singla, Director Mr. Ashu Ratan Khare for this noble work is being conducted by this Group’s corporate office.

This year annual voluntary blood donation camp was organized by the support of PGIMER Chandigarh and it is across the boundary of state like Chandigarh, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh Odisha, Assam, Uttrakhand & Delhi on the same day. The doctor and staff of the PGIMER were overwhelmed at the initiative and motivation levels of the employee of the Rock And Storm group as well as the members of society.

Mr. Arundeep Singla (M.D), Directors Mr. Ashu Ratan Khare & Mr. Amandeep Singla of the company informed that’s as a company we collected plus 250 units of blood, approx. 800 nos volunteers reported in camp for blood donation, out of which 225 had to qualify in donations.

The organizing and coordinating a team of Rock And Storm at this year’s camp was led by Director Mr. Ashu Ratan Khare and his core team under the association of Mr. Ajay Gupta from smile forever NGO.

Mr. Arundeep Singla (M.D) & Dr.Mr. Sachet Sachedev (Assistant Professor) & Dr. Mr. Shauket from PGIMER shared their views with all attendees about the benefits of blood donations on our body and really help to reduce the risk of cancer, hemochromatosis, damages of liver, pancreas as well as control on obesity, which is the main lifestyle diseases now a days, by this noble activities all companies MD/Directors & Team get an oath for continuous CSR planning to build up the society.

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