Top 7 Highly Productive Activities for Students To Form A Career

Highly Productive Activities for Students

“The best way to predict your future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln

Do you know? education might get you a job, but it might not get you the luxuries. Every student spends a large part of their life attending schools and colleges. However, it might not be worth it, if you’re not utilizing your student life in productive activities, which will eventually form your career.

Productive activities like interning somewhere, going to the gym, learning a course, researching about your future goals, starting a side hustle, and whatnot. These career-oriented productive activities might leave you extremely tired in your college life, but you’ll know it’s worth it once you’re passed out.

The Top 7 Highly Productive Activities For Students Are:

The friends that you have today, the material things that you enjoy, might or might not stay with you forever, however, what will stay with you is your career, your education, which will then provide you the luxurious life you’ve dreamt of. Hence, invest your time in productive activities.

If you’re in school

1. Do Extracurricular Activities, not just studies

Participate, participate and participate! This is the best time to try out new things. A sports club, an art and décor team, or a French club, just get experience.

This will help the fragile minds of young school children to not only know what activity suits them but also develop general interpersonal communication skills.

It will also have an overall effect on the child’s personality, hence exploration of things besides studying is a must.

Studies are definitely important you must work hard to get grade A’s. But now times have changed. Alone education won’t provide admission to your dream university. In fact, it won’t even provide you with a good job unless you learn some skill alongside education.

2. Fight Your Own Battles, and Help Others Fight Theirs Too!

Try to be independent, solve your issues, do share your feelings, but at the same time determine your solutions and strategies.

Independency is very important for growth. Especially if you plan on pursuing graduation from abroad, you have to work this out now.

Friendship issues, time management problems, are just part and parcel of life. learn the art of solitude and also learn to make new friends from different sections of your batch.

Interact with seniors, use their advice in your academic and personal life. Similarly, you can guide your juniors.

If you’re in college

1. Obtain Clarity And Vision

If you lack clarity about your goals, it better you strengthen your vision in the first semester of your college itself. Meet councilors, research, look around who’s doing what, and then have a laser-like focus on your goal.

If you plan to do MBA after your graduation, it’s better that you start preparing for your CAT and GMAT exams from day 1.

In fact, if you plan to start up your own business in the future you should start researching and hustling about it now.

2. Internships

Do more internships. It’s a practical way of gaining knowledge. This experience is worth all your theory learning.

Internships will impact your future in a great way. It will give you more chances of getting a job after your graduation than your peers who were not interns.

Through internships, you tend to network with the working population. Develop soft skills by working in a professional workplace.

Build your resume in your college itself by gaining professional feedback and skills.

3. Learn Courses And Start Side Hustles

If you are interested in computers you can learn Asp DOT net, JAVA J2EEE, C SHARP, UNIX, LINUX, ORACLE, VISUAL BASICS, PHP. In today’s time, digital marketing is also considered a vital skill.

Hence take up an online marketing course. Learn graphic design, content writing, copywriting SEO, etc.

You can also take up the course of a financial market if you are interested in trading stocks. You can also set up a LinkedIn profile and research what courses are highly in demand in today’s time.

Once you figure out the course you can easily take it on platforms like Coursera and Udemy. You can even start your side hustles like providing tuitions to the juniors, starting an NGO, starting your home bakery, becoming a freelance designer, developing a clothing brand, and whatnot.

Publish a book, invest in appreciating assets and make a sleeping income, as this is the best time.

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4. Researching and Reading

Read good books. It’s the best way to open your mind to great opportunities. Research about famous personalities, find an ideal, read about upcoming business, profitable start-ups, skills of the future.

Reading newspapers daily is the best way to know what’s happening today. If you plan to go to another university, you need to start researching from today.

Write emails to the faculty, know your chances, build a portfolio, etc. even if your plans are different you should dive into researching for that particular goal.

5. Spend time on yourself

In the pressurizing student life, no doubt, you have to deal with learning concepts, making projects and assignments.

It might get difficult for you to manage all of it. However, it is always better that you give some time to yourself, your health as well.

Going to the gym, playing a sport, running a field, doing yoga, and meditation. This will help you develop a healthy body and mind.


They say your 20s either make you or break you. If you are in graduation incorporating productive activities is highly essential. 

As now you’ve entered your 20s it’s better you start early, hustle hard, figure out the best for you and settle in a timely. 

As you grow older the capacity to work also starts decreeing. Hence, always remember that this is the best time to work and grow.

“Always go with the choice that scares you the most because that’s the one that will help you grow”.

Written By: Nehal Sharma


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