Sweta Samota –Tough Competitor to Book Publishers of India Awarded the Global Fame Awards 2022

Sweta Samota awarded the Global Fame Awards 2022

‘Most Trusted Author’ Founder Sweta Samota is awarded the Best Book Coach, Bestselling Author, and Speaker in the Global Fame Awards 2022, organized by VKonnect Star.

Through the Most Trusted Author model, Sweta has mentored thousands of individuals to become authors by writing great books, publishing them without spending a penny, and selling their books like a pro. 

The USP of Sweta’s mentoring is that through her experience in publishing 11 books and helping several hundreds of individuals in writing and publishing books, Sweta has figured out the secrets of bestselling books and simplified it for everyone, and to top it up, she is guiding individuals to self-publish their books with zero investment. This has given a big blow to the business of vanity and hybrid publishers who charge huge sums to self-publish the books.

People love Sweta’s “Most Trusted Author” because it empowers them to write their books faster and gives them full control and transparency to publish their books without any dependence on any third party, and without spending even a single rupee.

Sweta’s Most Trusted Author model makes the entire process of writing, and publishing books so easy that she is giving a tough competition to book publishers of India. Through this model, she has impacted 2500+ Individuals in the last 18 months – mentoring them to write great books and publish them at zero cost. 

She was awarded Global Fame Award for her outstanding contribution as a book coach, author, and speaker in India. The award was presented by Neha Dhupia in a 5-star hotel in Mumbai.

Young and dynamic, Sweta Samota, is a software engineer turned Bestselling author and Book Coach working in the book publishing industry for over 5 years. 

After BE (Computers), she started her career as a software engineer. Although outstanding in her job, Sweta realized that she wanted more from her professional career. She quit her 12 years job to embark on a journey as an entrepreneur and author.

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She is the bestselling author of several books – ranging from fiction to nonfiction books. Her 11th book Changemakers was launched in a grand event at Crossword Stores, Mumbai in October 2021 by Javed Akhtar, Nandita Das, Ranveer Brar, and Kanika Dhillon. The foreword for this book is written by Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu. Sweta is currently working on her 12th book “The Running Effect” which will reveal the secrets of the top athletes and help people become winners in their life through the Effortless Running Triangle system.

Most Trusted Author workshops are attended by individuals from all walks of life – professionals, business owners, teachers, doctors, lawyers, bankers, diplomats, celebrities, coaches, students, kids, and even homemakers. Through these workshops, people have been able to impact and grow their influence and business by authoring great books easily.

If one is keen to become an author, Sweta’s Most Trusted Author workshop is a must-attend. You can find the details of her workshop here –

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