10 Intriguing Games To Play Outside with Kids

Games to play outside with Kids

In this era of technology, children avoid going out to play because they have never introduced to the various interesting games to play outside with kids

Instead, they prefer playing indoor games & spend more and more time indoors as Kids are fascinated by television, Smartphone, and other gadgets. 

But watching television or using Smartphone for a prolonged time can affect their health and make them couch potato.

On the flip side, playing outdoor games can improve mental and physical health in children. Exposure to outdoor activities can develop essential social skill and also shape their personality.

Undoubtedly, you must have spent your good old days playing under the sun. There were umpteenth outdoor games that you used to play with your friends and kins. 

Add some fun to the monotonous life of your little ones by introducing them to the wonderful games to play outside. It will help them breathe in the natural air.

Read on to know amazing outdoor games to play outside with your children.

List Of 10 Interesting Games To Play Outside with Kids 

Children who got pleasure out of running around in the streets or park are going extinct. Gift your child the childhood that you had.

These days parents have the huge responsibility of getting their kids involved in physical activities to keep them away from gadgets.

1) Hopscotch

Hopscotch is outdoor that children enjoy the most. This game can be played with multiple players but you just have to decide the turns. 

Hopscotch is a pattern of the boxes drawn on the floor, hop from the boxes to win the game.


How do you play Hopscotch?

  • Draw the hopscotch pattern on any concrete floor outside using chalk. Use a stick to outline, If you’re playing on the sand.
  • Hopscotch has a pattern of boxes numbered from 1 to 9 or 10.
  • The player throws a small pebble so that it stays within the boundary of a numbered box and hop between the boxes to grab the pebble. 
  • Each player hops from one box to another when their turn comes. Reaches the highest level to win.

Benefits of Hopscotch

  1. Helps in mastering body control
  2. Kids learn to balance
  3. Help them recognise the numbers
  4. Cognitive Development

2) Traffic On The Road

Traffic on the road is an outdoor game for little munchkins who enjoy pretend-play. There are numerous indoor pretend-plays such as playing House, Doctor and Chef. “Traffic on the road” is one of the best outdoor games to play outside.

Traffic On The Road

How do you play Traffic On The Road?

  • A player will pretend to be the cop and other players will act as vehicles.
  • You can pretend to be the pedestrian.
  • Use handmade craft traffic lights.
  • The policeman will direct the traffic and stops vehicles to let pedestrians go and vice versa.
  • Play in an open and safe place so that the traffic has enough space to navigate.

Benefits of Playing Traffic On The Road

  1. Increase awareness about traffic rules.
  2. Develop team spirit & coordination.
  3. Teach them about road safety.
  4. A great physical exercise.

3) Run & statue

Run and Statue game is a favourite among games to play outside by the children.

This outdoor game involves running but when you listen to “Statue”, you have to freeze immediately.

If you move you will be out.

Run and Statue

How do you play Run & Statue?

  • Choose who goes first by toss or mutual agreement.
  • That player is supposed to say ‘statue’ when everyone is running around. 
  • The runners have to stop immediately, as soon as “Statue” is said. The smallest movement and you will be out.

Benefits of playing Run & Statue

  1. Involves lots of running.
  2. Improves listening skills.
  3. Master in body control and coordination.

4) Kho-Kho

Kho-Kho is a game to play outside where players sit in a queue, trying to balance on their knees, all set to run with a tap on their back. 

This is the most played game by the 90’s kids during their school days.

Kho- Kho

How do you play Kho-Kho?

  • It has teams of 12 players. However, team players can be altered as per the availability of people. 
  • Players sit in a queue facing alternate in such a way that the players from the same team face the same direction.
  • First, one team will choose to chase then it will be chased by the other team.

Benefits of Playing Kho Kho

  1. Develop swiftness
  2. Better coordination & flexibility
  3. Relieves stress & anxiety
  4. Learn leadership skills 
  5. Develops team spirit 

5) Tug of war

Tug of war is one of the best games to play outside with your Kids. This game can give your child a feel of strength. It builds physical strength and dexterity. 

The best part about this game is that all players can play together, no one has to wait for their turn.

Tug of War

How do you play Tug of war?

  • The match will be in two teams.
  • Teams will hold the rope from both ends and pull it towards them.
  • It’s a fun game to test the strength.

Benefits of Playing Tug of war

  1. Teaches team spirit and effort.
  2. Build physical strength & dexterity.
  3. Good stretching exercise.
  4. Relieves stress

 6) Kabaddi

Kabaddi is one of those outdoor games which can be chosen for a lifetime career. Kabaddi is a game of strength that can be played on the ground. 

Kabbadi is a game to play outside with kids 


How do you play Kabaddi?

  • Kabaddi is played between two teams.
  • The playing fields are also divided into halves.
  • Each team sends a raider into the other team’s field.
  • The raider has to keep repeating the word ‘Kabaddi, Kabaddi’ when the player is on the opposing team’s side of the field.
  • If the raider can touch and return, it’s called a successful run. 
  • The opposite team’s side wins a point with a successful run.
  • The opposing team will try wrestling and physically stopping the raider to return to their side of the court 

Benefits of Playing Kabbadi

  1. Develop agility & speed
  2. Build stamina 
  3. Control over breathe
  4. Increase endurance

7) Fit the line

Fit The Line is one of the wonderful games to play with kids when you take them to a park. Once in the Park, children become uncontrollable. To keep them engaged this the best game to play with them.

Fit The Line

How do you play Fit The Line?

  • Draw a line of 2 metres in length using chalk.
  •  Until the line is drawn and the whistle is blown, children have to wait in the side.
  • After the whistle, the children have to run and stand on the drawn line making a queue.
  • If you couldn’t fit on the line, You will be out.
  • As the game proceeds, the line got shorter and the players got eliminated.
  • The one who remains in the last is the winner.

Benefits of Playing Fit The Line

  1. Develop swiftness and make kids active
  2. Improve their concentration & balancing skills
  3. Keeps them entertained.

8) Treasure Hunt 

Treasure Hunt is the most loved outdoor game as Kids find it amazing when they have to crack the quiz and search for the treasure by decoding the clues. 

The treasure hunt can be played indoors but it is more fun when played out in amusement parks.

Treasure Hunt

How do you play Treasure Hunt?

  • Make paper flags beforehand.
  • set up the flags and mark various parts of the playing area as a castle, garden, treasure bank, pond and so on.
  • outline a map on a piece of chart that shows on which corner the treasure bank can be found. The map will be basic in which ‘X’ marks the treasure spot.
  • The player who finds the treasure first will win the game.

Benefits Of Playing Treasure Hunt 

  1. Develops cognitive & problem-solving skills 
  2. Encourage Leadership skills
  3. Inculcate Team Spirit
  4. Improve creativity & innovative thinking
  5. Build a strategical mindset 

9) Cat and Mouse Chase

Cat and Mouse Chase is one of the most played games to play outside with kids. It is popularly known as “Pakdam Pakdai“. Relish this game with your children and walk down memory lane.

Cat and Mouse

How do you play Cat and Mouse Chase?

  • Can be played with a group of more than 3 players.
  • One player needs to catch the others.
  • The player who gets caught first, runs and catches the others. 
  • Keep running and catching like cats and mice.

Benefits of Playing Cat and Mouse Chase

  1. Great physical activity
  2. Develop alacrity and swiftness
  3. Build a bond between the players.
  4. Relief stress 

10) Gully Cricket

Gully cricket will definitely come across your mind when you think about games to play outside with kids. Cricket is not merely a game, it’s an emotion. 

Your child must have watched a cricket match with you on Television. Introduce them to gully cricket and give them the thrill of playing this game.

Gully Cricket

How do you play Cricket?

  • Get a cricket bat and ball.
  • Divide the players into two teams
  • You can toss to choose which team will bat first, players of another team will do balling & fielding.
  • The team that bats first will try to score as many scores as possible.
  • The second team has to score more than the first team to win the match.

Benefits of Playing Gully Cricket

  1. Cricket builds a competition.
  2. Develop overall fitness & stamina.
  3. Develop hand-eye coordination
  4. Builds social skills & team skills.


All these outdoor games are a great form of physical activity which is necessary for physical & mental health.

The games that can be played outside with kids and the family is the most underrated physical activity.

We are here with the best-handpicked games to play outside with your kids to save your time to pick one.

These recommended outdoor games require running and movement of the body, this physical exertion is necessary for the overall growth of your child.

FAQ’s For The Games To Play Outside With Kids

1. What are outdoor games?

Outdoor games are played outside the house, usually in the street, park or playground. Outdoor games require running & physical activities which can not be enjoyed indoors.

2. What is the best outdoor game to play?

When you think about the games to play outside with kids, Cricket comes to your mind. Cricket is the most loved and enjoyed game.

3. Which top 3 outdoor games can increase physical fitness?

Almost all outdoor games involve physical activity. The top 3 outdoor games that are no less than workout is Basketball, Football & Hockey.

4. What is the best way to make kids play outdoor games?

The best way to get your kids engaged in outdoor games is to play with them. Invite their friends in the neighbourhood to join them. Introduce these games to them with creativity and fun.

5. What should be done to encourage students to involve themselves more in outdoor games?

Educate them about the benefits of physical activities and make them aware of how important it is to stay fit. Play with them and reward them to make games interesting for the students.

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