Prevention and control of Dengue

• Reiterates that controlling dengue is a joint responsibility of all the departments
• Fever Helpline to be established for the management of dengue cases

Chandigarh 16th May :

Health Minister of Punjab Sh. Brahm Mohindra reviewed the preparedness of each concerned department for the coming dengue season. He expressed that Chief Minister Punjab Capt. Amarinder Singh has also conveyed his serious concern regarding control of dengue in the current transmission season & has given directions that all stakeholder departments must work collectively to tackle the disease in the State. Health Minister on the occasion exhorted that while many other departments had a key role to play in controlling dengue yet whenever dengue outbreak occurs, the entire brunt has to be borne by Department of Health. These views were expressed by Sh. Brahm Mohindra while chairing the meeting of State Task Force on prevention and control of dengue and other communicable diseases. The Health Minister was accompanied by Additional Chief Secretary Health and Medical Education & Research Sh. Satish Chandra.

Among other the meeting was attended by Sh. G. Vajralingam Additional Chief Secretay Department of Animal Husbandry & Fisheries, Sh. Sanjay Kumar Principal Secretary Department of Labour, Sh. A. Venu Prasad Principal Secretary Department of Local Government, Mrs Jaspreet Talwar Principal Secretary Department of Water Supply & Sanitation, Mrs Tanu Kashyap, Director Department of Rural Development & Panchayats, Dr. PK Goyal Director General School Education, State Transport Commissioner & State President of Indian Medical Association (IMA). Sh. Brahm Mohindra strongly emphasized that active participation of all the concerned departments for prevention of breeding of mosquitoes can go a long way in prevention of dengue in the State & save thousands from suffering of dengue.

The event coincided with National Dengue Day which is being observed across the State. During the meeting Health Minister directed Principal Secretary Local Govt. to expedite the procurement of insecticide to be used for fogging and spraying in urban areas for prevention of spread of dengue. He emphasized that although 4 cases of dengue had been reported in State in the current year but Local Govt. has not undertaken required remedial measures due to non availability of insecticide. It was assured by Principal Secretary Local Govt. that procurement will be expedited and requisite insecticide will be procured in coming days and fogging and spraying will be undertaken in all the towns of the State.

Additional Chief Secretary Health stated that Deaprtment of Local Govt. should also use larvicides for prevention of breeding of mosquitoes. Health Minister directed Local Govt to get the survey of the water pipes in urban areas done as water samples of drinking areas have failed in many towns in past and outbreaks of cholera were reported in the State last year.

Health Minister desired that Department of Labour should initiate mapping of the brick kilns and areas of inhabitation of migrant labour so that joint survey by labour and health departments could be undertaken for surveillance of malaria, dengue and other communicable disease. Principal Secreatry Local Govt. Sh. Sanjay Kumar ensured full support in mapping and survey of the areas. He also ensured that his department will work with owners of brick kilns for prevention of vector borne diseases in these areas.

Director Rural Development and Panchayat Mrs Tanu Kashyap ensured that the department will extend support in ensuring cleanliness in rural areas as well as provision of manpower for spray in rural areas if a case of dengue or malaria is reported. It was decided that Department of Health will share the details of the villages where cases of malaria or dengue are reported with all departments to undertake immediate remedial measures.

Sh. Brahm Mohindra directed department of Transport to ensure that stacking of tyres be done in such way that water doesn’t stagnate and breeding of mosquitoes is prevented. Health Minister was informed by Transport department official that they have already started the auction of old tyres.

He also instructed president of Indian Medical Medical Association Dr. Jatinder Kansal that it should be ensured that private doctors must adhere to the guidelines of Govt. of India and Punjab for management of dengue and other vector-borne diseases. He also directed that private doctors should inform Civil Surgeon of the concerned district immediately if a case of dengue is reported so that Deptt. of Health in coordination with Local Govt. can take preventive, measures in the area concerned.

Sh. Satish Chandra informed that testing and treatment of dengue cases is free of cost in all the Govt. Hospitals of the State and it will be ensured that dengue wards are established in all the Govt Hospitals for management of cases of dengue. He informed that Department of Health is fully geared up to tackle the diseases in this season. Health Minister asked Director Punjab Health Systems Corporation to establish a helpline for general public where any person can call and get information about nearest testing and treatment centre for dengue. DPF PHSC ensured that a helpline in collaboration with 104 will be made functional in this season. It was also directed by Health Minister that all hospitals should have “Dengue Corners” where a patient of fever should report for early triaging and management.

Sh. Brahm Mohindra directed that all the department should identify a nodal officer and a meeting of nodal officers be held regularly for intersectoral coordination and department of health will coordinate these meetings to ensure activities are undertaken by all the concerned departments for prevention of dengue and to ensure that morbidity and mortality due to dengue sees a decline in the State in the current season.


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