Award-winning & Delhi food specialist Chef Gunjan Goela to curate ‘Dil Lazeez Delhi 6’ Food Festival at WelcomHotel Bella Vista

Panchkula – March 10, 2018:

WelcomHotel Bella Vista, Sec 5, Panchkula is again in the limelight with another food festival ‘Dil Lazeez Delhi 6’ – a unique offering for food enthusiasts, which will showcase authentic dishes with lip-smacking recipes of the famous Delhi cuisine. The Festival will be held from March 9 to March 18, 2018. The details about the festival were shared with media by a woman who has become an Indian Cuisine prodigy and food enthusiast Chef Gunjan Goela with her talented and wisdom has curated the festival with great efforts.

“We have timed the festival to coincide with International Women’s Day celebrations with the brilliant & award winning Chef Gunjan Goela, who has put together this startling festival with our Hotel’s team. We also invited wives of defense officers’ to honor them on International Women’s day, during the event to announce ‘Dil Lazeez Delhi 6 festival’. In a way we are through this festival paying a tribute to womanhood.” said Mr. Vivek Khanna, GM (WelcomHotel Bella Vista).

The festival will present some of the best dishes prepared by the chef who is a popular name in various cook-shows across television channels like BBC, TLC, History Channel, NDTV Good Times to name a few. Chef Gunjan Goela says, “It is a matter of pride for me to be a part of this food festival which is no less than a vegetarians’ delight for the people of Tri-city. Being aware of the popular street food culture at Nation’s capital, we have carefully chosen our menu, which would maintain the authenticity of food people expect from such a festival.”

Food FestivalThe list of the dishes includes Aloo Tikkia, Moong Daal Cheela, Dahi Saunth Pappri, Paani ke Batashe, Mattra Kulcha, Aloo Kachori etc. The menu for breakfast is quite appetizing & has more delicacies to offer with Aloo Kachori, Mattar Samosa, Daal Samosa and Pakoras. The main course includes numerous dishes with Mangochi, Aloo Dum, Bhuni Arbi, Nimonaey, Dungare Kathal, Dahi Bhindi, Palak Mangodi Kadhi, Sabut Matar Chonkey being the most appreciated. The dessert section includes Jave, Phirni (popular rice and milk dish), Moong Daal Halwa, Goand ke Ladoo, Ghiya Lauj, Urad Kheer and Kesar.

Adding to the ambience of the festival is a creative decoration done in the hotel which includes a buffet decor and use of hanging umbrellas, which has been taken into consideration with the popular culture of kite flying and kites have been used to spruce up the decor. Even Banta bottles have been put on the shelves. The Tea and Golgappe stalls are fully qualified to bring the feel of the roadside eating experience, so typical of Delhi.

It is noteworthy that Chef Gunjan’s major accomplishments include preparing food for Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and other dignitaries in Mumbai during ‘Make in India’ event which she will be presenting in the festival also. It would be a matter of joy for the foodies of Tri-city to experience the delicious taste from such a world-class chef, who has been awarded for the best vegetarian catering in Delhi.

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