What To Expect From Slots In The Future?

What To Expect From Slots In The Future

If you took an early slot machine fan from the early 1900s and showed them the evolution of this exciting market they would most probably faint out of shock.

We’re not joking here, things have changed an astronomical amount since the days of the “Liberty Bell” machine that was arguably the first genuine slot machine to exist. For one thing, you can now play these things online!

Oh yes, the emergence of online slots is without a doubt the biggest example of how the slot market has evolved – these days there are a whole lot more people spinning the reels on the Internet than in real life casinos. But what can we expect from slots in the future? The industry has already proved that the sky is the limit when it comes to progression, read ahead for a lowdown on what we can expect as it continues to evolve at Umbingo.

Even Better Bonus Rounds

One of the main things that sets online slots apart from their physical counterparts is the massive amount of extra bonus features that can be found on them. This is, of course, fantastic news for us gamblers, as it means there are ample opportunities to win a lovely amount of cash.

If you think the bonus rounds in games such as Centurion by Inspired Gaming are sensational now (which they are of course), just you wait until you see what could well be coming in the future! As technology progresses developers are going to be able to make these much more exciting and lucrative, we cannot wait!

More Innovative Grid Configurations

In recent years some developers have begun experimenting with grid configurations that do away with the traditional reel and payline set-up. Games such as Well Of Wonders, for instance, don’t have any reels at all, with the icons instead floating out of an enchanted well in the middle of the screen.

The future could bring a lot more games like this, as developers try and make their titles as unique as possible. Moreover, we anticipate a rise in so-called “Cluster Pay” mechanisms, something that makes the online slot experience a lot more fun and hands on.

Outrageously Good Graphics

We would be lying if we said that the graphics in today’s online slots weren’t absolutely sensational, however they are set to get even better in the future. Many experts predict online slot titles that can rival Playstation or Xbox games for aesthetic detail, something that is bound to make the market even more appealing for gamblers.

Virtual Reality Technology

Following from the last point, graphics are getting to the stage where it is fully conceivable for online slot developers to start offering their titles in virtual reality. This has the potential to throw the market wide open, as who wouldn’t want to play on their favourite online slots in scintillating virtual reality?

With this technology you could even end up inside your favourite slot game, something that is sure to up the excitement levels considerably!

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