Bedroom Vastu Tips: Simplifying Life To Embrace Positivity

Vastu For Bedroom

In this fast-paced life, everyone must get the right amount of sleep. Eight hours of sleep helps with reducing anxiety and stress. A good quality bed provides better sleep for the whole night. They spend thousands of dollars just to sleep comfortably. Despite that, they complain about health issues or psychological issues. Sometimes they visit doctors or psychiatrists, which is common nowadays. Yet they forget about the Vastu of the house or the position of the rooms that could lead to these issues. Astrology is a branch of cosmic science and is even believed by scientists to have proven deliverance. This article is going to discuss some of the bedroom Vastu tips that could help in healing the problems that men are facing these days. 

Bedroom Position:

Position  of bed according to vastu
  • The position of the bedroom should be towards the southwest corner. Avoid bedrooms in the northeast direction as it causes health issues. 
  • There should be no windows facing the headrest because they disrupt sleep. 
  • The ceilings of the bedroom should be as high as possible. Ideally, it should be at least 10 feet above the ground. 
  • Bedrooms should be avoided in the Brahmasthan of the house. 

Bed Position And Head Position:

  • The best direction for sleeping or placing a bed is towards the south. 
  • The leg position should be towards the north. 
  • It is recommended to keep a Chandra Yantra in the northwest direction if the bedroom is in the northwest direction.
  • Bedrooms with beams on their ceilings cause headaches or may give nightmares.
  • One should avoid sleeping with their heads towards the doors as it is not recommended as per Vastu.
  • There should be no water elements like water jugs towards the southeast direction that cause sleeplessness.
  • The wife should sleep on the left side of the husband. 

Bedroom Vastu Tips With An Attached Balcony:

  • The balcony of a bedroom should always be facing the east or north direction of the bedroom.
  • The balconies must be rectangle or square in shape. Some of the shapes, like ovals or rounds, should be avoided.
vastu for bedroom attached with balcony
  • The round swing if wished should be placed towards the East-West side of the balcony. 
  • The balcony should be clean and small plants should be placed on the north or east side of the balcony. The northeast will be the best place to add a little greenery to the balcony.
  • Check that the balcony grills are not rusted, as this could prevent energy flow. 
  • Any unwanted things should not be kept on the balcony to keep up with the vigor.

Bedroom Vastu Tips With An Attached Bathroom:

  • The attached bathroom should always be in a southwest direction. 
  • The doors of the attached bathroom should be always closed. 

Vastu Tips For The Master Bedroom:

vastu for master bedroom
  • The master bedroom is reserved for the household’s earning members. 
  • A regular bed like a square or rectangular shaped bed is recommended rather and any irregular shapes like round or circular should be avoided.
  • Marble floors should be avoided inside the bedroom.
  • The northeast side of the bedroom should be clean and no heavy furniture should be placed there.

Vastu Tips For The Bedroom For Couples and A Pregnant Woman:

  • It’s difficult to imagine that the couple’s bedroom is towards the northeast. The southeast bedroom is also not recommended for couples. 
  • The room should be in the south or southwest direction. Otherwise, problems would arise in the relationship. 
  • The paintings or showpieces that signify the pair should be kept. 
  • Some of the pictures like doves, swans, deer, birds, Radha and Krishna, or Lakshmi and Narayan pictures should be kept.
  • Images like war scenes, owls, or vultures should be avoided inside the bedroom of a couple. 
  • The northeast bedroom creates problems in conceiving a child. The pregnant woman should not inhibit the southeast bedroom as it is the direction of the fire. 

Bedroom Vastu Tips For Children:

  • The west direction is best for the children’s bedroom.
  • There should be no sharp objects in the bedroom as it implies blockage of energy.
  • Any space creates a flow of positive energy.
  • The study table should be placed towards the east or north which improves concentration. Sleepers or shoes should not be kept under the bed as it decreases the concentration level.
  • Children should be refrained from eating in bed
  • Pictures like lord Saraswati or Ganesha should be placed along with the trophies or medals on the south wall of the bedroom

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Bedroom Vastu Tips For Senior Citizens

  • The senior citizens’ bedroom should be towards the southwest. 
  • The northeast position of the bedroom can also be suggested. 
  • If there is any bookshelf inside the bedroom, then it should be placed towards the west. 
  • The study table should be towards the northwest corner. 
  • Any shelf should be placed between the north and the northeast.

Bedroom Vastu Tips For The Guests

Vastu tips for guest bedroom
  • The ideal position of the bedroom for the guests should be towards the northwest. While the bed position is the same as for any other bedroom that is in the south or western direction, 
  • The room should be well equipped with furniture and wardrobes. The cupboards should be in the west or south direction.
  • There should be ample sunlight coming into the room.
  • The perfect color for the room should be in pastel shades like blue, white, or green as it provides peace of mind. All dark shades should be avoided.
  • It is to be avoided that the bathroom door should not be facing or opposite the bed.

Bedroom Vastu Tips Of The Lighting

Vastu tips for bedroom lightning
  • A bedroom, according to Vastu, should be well lit. There should be sunlight entering the room every morning. 
  • In the evening, the rooms should be well lit with lamps and overhead lights. Any faulty lights should be repaired as soon as possible. 
  • The position of the lights should be towards the north, representing prosperity.
  • The bedcovers should be made of cotton, and the colors should be chosen in pastel shades.
  • Bedsheets should be free of too many geometrical shapes. Prints like flowers or leaf motifs should be chosen. 

Bedroom Vastu Tips Of The Furniture

  • The almirah, locker, or cash should be kept in the north direction. 
  • The wooden furniture should be constructed inside the bedroom.
  • The colors of the curtains should be light shades, such as white or cream. All dark shades should be avoided.
  • The bookshelves or the office desks inside the bedroom should be kept in the west or southwest direction.
  • There should be space between the bed and the furniture to transmit the energy flow.
  • It is recommended not to work on the bed. 
  • Earthly colors like browns or dark greens, curtains should be in the white bedroom.

Some of The Additional Bedroom Vastu Tips

Additional Vastu tips for bedroom
  • Mirrors inside a bedroom should be kept as per Vastu. It is not recommended to place a mirror opposite the bed. The reflection of the person while sleeping is considered inauspicious. This happens to a television set, which should not be placed or must be covered while sleeping. 
  • The bedroom should be painted in pastel colors to avoid attracting negativity.
  • Money plants, bamboo, and even lavender are some of the plants that are necessary for bedrooms because they welcome positive energy. Lavender’s scent aids in the removal of any flaws in the northeast position. 
  • Sea salt or camphor should be kept in the northeast corner of the bedroom to remove any Vastu Dosha. 
  • If the bed cannot be moved from its current location in the northeast, the wall should be painted white or yellow. 
  • To keep Vastu Doshas at bay, the room should be cleaned and decluttered on a daily basis.
  • Keeping a peacock feather under the pillow while sleeping is said to bring good luck. A religious book should be placed under the pillow for a peaceful night’s sleep. Cardamom should be kept under the pillow to improve relationships with others. This should be done for at least seven to twenty-one days.
  • In the bedroom, one can read or listen to music while passing the time. This raises the room’s positive vibration.
  • As much as possible, keep the doors and windows open.
  • Watches, machinery, and aquariums should all be kept out of the bedroom.
  • Even if the bed is double, a single mattress should be used. 
  • There should be no clutter in the box beds. The storage under the bed, according to Vastu, has an impact on a person’s sleep. 
  • The doors should be fixed right away because they are creaking. 

Remedies For Any Vastu Dosha in Bedrooms:

  • Aromatherapy with oils like lavender or peace lily can be done to remove any health issues. There are candles or potpourri to be used to give a relaxing effect to the room.
  • Rose quartz hearts can be kept facing northwest to enhance the positive energy inside the room.
  • Crystals should be kept to attract good luck for the children’s bedroom.
  • Mopping the floor of the bedroom with sea salt increases the positive energy inside the house. 

Written By: Manashi Dey

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